Thursday, September 13, 2012

UC/Berkeley, Eolas sue Facebook for patent infringement

A Reuters post on September 13 titled University of California sues Facebook, Wal-mart over patents includes the following interesting typo:

A Facebook spokesman said the company believed the lawsuit was without hermit. "We will fight it vigorously," he said.

The case is in ED Texas. PC World noted:

Both the '906 and '985 patents were used by Eolas in a legal battle against other top Internet companies like and Google. In February, a Texas jury found that both Eolas patents were invalid.

The other patents in the lawsuit are the '293 and '662 patents that are both related to the first two, but were issued at a later date.

Facebook directly and indirectly infringes on all four patents by presenting web pages and content interactively in the browser, Eolas said in the complaint. Eolas is seeking damages in a jury trial.


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