Monday, September 24, 2012

Time warp?

IPBiz is getting a number of hits for the post
Bad calls in the Patriots/Ravens game?

With respect to the numerous complaints about calls by replacement officials in games on September 23, 2012, one notes that the above-mentioned IPBiz post is about bad calls by regular officials in January 2012.

The earlier post included a bad call when Gronkowski had the ball; a non-call on September 23 involved Gronkowski getting tackled, when he did not have the ball. A discussion of calls on September 23, 2012 would be rather lengthy. [From on the Patriots game of 9/23: The replacement crew, led by Bruce Hermansen, called 24 penalties for a total of 218 yards. Several fights broke out, and the refs seemed to alternate between letting the players play to a ridiculous degree and throwing flags at everything that moved. ]

As to intellectual property, one could make some reference to previous IPBiz posts on doughnut makers.

***Separately, from an interview with former Rutgers coach Greg Schiano:

On his thought process at the conclusion of the game against the Giants last week:

“It’s a play that we have in our playbook; it’s actually created fumbles in the past. So when we use that play and we get the ball back and we have a chance to score, that’s what we’re going to do. We did it over the years in college at Rutgers and we did get the ball to come loose. It’s not that I’m guessing or hoping that it works; it’s not what people say it is, diving at knees – that’s totally not what it is. We have a chance in a one-score game to win the game. We’re not going to stop playing.”

On the argument that it is an “unwritten rule” you do not do that:

“I know one unwritten rule: we have to win. And if we still have a chance to win, we’re playing to win. Now if it’s a game that is out of reach and you do it, sure. But I wouldn’t put my own guys in harm’s way. Forget anybody else’s guys.”

On if Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning are justified to take offense to what the Buccaneers did:

“I don’t think they understood what our expectations were, why we did it. They misinterpreted it, they thought it was something violent – but a lot of people thought that. People don’t get the facts and I don’t particularly care.”

Text from Schiano Does It Again

Presumably, someone will look up "how many" fumbles were created by Rutgers, and whether or not any of the fumbles led to a score by Rutgers.


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