Sunday, September 02, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on September 2, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for September 2, 2012. The cover story was by Peter Greenburg on bus safety. America's buses in overdrive. Second, Anthony Mason on The Black Keys, from Akron, Ohio. Third, Lee Cowan on "Central Casting," a recycled story. Fourth, Serena Alschuler on glass making. Rita Braver on George Mitchell.

Headlines. Hundreds of thousands without power in Louisiana. Mitt Romney taking a break. Obama in Iowa. Army is stopping training of militias if Afghanistan. Hal David has died at age 91. Author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull is in serious condition after plane crash. Weather: cooler in northeast. Hot in west.

First story, "In the Fast Line," starting with a videoclip of a Greyhound. Leave the driving to us. The bus business is booming, gaining ground since 2006. Trips like New York to Boston. In 2011, curbside bus trips went up 30%. Movie: Freedom Highway. In March last year, crash on I-95 near NYC; then crash on Jersey Turnpike. Ray Lahood interviewed: focus like a laser beam. In May 2012 shut down over 20 bus companies. Then, inspection at Boston by USDOT. Issue of driver logs. Looking for electronic log. Penn State's Larsen Institute, testing buses. Dave Sinikowski at Penn State. Penn Congressman Bill Shuster. Back in 1964, recommendation for seat belts in buses, but nothing happened. Fullington Bus.

Sept. 2, 1973. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien died. J. R. R. Tolkien. The Two Towers. The Return of the Kin. The Hobbit: the Unexpected Journey. Crater on planet Mercury named for Tolkien.

"A Touch of Glass" by Serena Alschuler on Toledo, Ohio. 2100 degrees Farenheit. In 1962, Harvey K. Littleton. Any artist can make a furnace to work with glass. Colour Ignited. Dominic Livino, glass engineer, with 60 patents to his name. Fiberglass engineer. Furnace design and use of glass beads. Wall of Color. You need to have others taking it to the next generation. Studio glass movement. Andrew Erdon.

Anthony Mason: Black Keys for the record. It took ten years for success. El Camino album. Music in commercials. Dan Auerbach (guitar, vocals) and Patrick Carney (drums) from Akron, Ohio. Toured the country in a minivan. Seattle club. $539. In 2003, offerred $200,000 British pounds for a commercial. Used to see puddles, now I see the splash. Album: Brothers. Harvey S. Firestone High: wall of fame. Class of 1998. Most unique. B in music appreciation. Carney's brother Michael designs album covers. Father (Chuck): "He's the hardest working guy I know. How can you deny hard work and passion?"

David Edelstein. Dog days at movie place. The Expendables 2. Drag show on steroids. Lawless: packaged like burgers. Moonrise Kingdom. Premium Rush. Robot and Frank. Jewel thief gifted by robot caretaker. If you died eating cheeseburgers, what would happen to me. Frank Langella. Bachelorette. Kirsten Dunn. Pretty girls talking dirty. Ghost picture: The Pact. The less you see, the scarier. Snide comment about Stallone being creepier. Fall can't end quickly enough.

Rita Braver on George Mitchell, man in the middle. Starts on hiking trail in Acadia National Park. Former Senate Majority Leader. Steroid use in major league baseball. Handshake of Queen Elizabeth and IRA. Career: completely beyond scope of imagination. Mother was weaver in textile mill. Had five children. Worked his way through college and law school. Job with Ed Muskie. In 1980, became US Senator. Why do they believe as they do? Is there something I don't understand? In 1989, elected Senate Majority Leader. Pledge to Bob Dole; I will never try to embarrass you. Clinton wanted to make him Supreme Court Justice. Objective to Clinton health care plan. Bush v. Gore: wish he were there. Clinton got Mitchell to work on peace in northern Ireland. There is nothing you guys can say that can phase me. Listening carefully to what they need. Retreat on land owned by Rockefeller. Lifelong baseball fan. 2000 report by DLA Piper. In 2009, Obama named him negotiator in Middle East. Now 79, he does not rule out taking on another big assignment.

Background artists. Lee Cowan does story on central casting. Most familiar faces you never recognized. Size, shape and height. A Hollywood extra. Cinematic wall plants. Jennifer Bender is a VP of Central Casting. Been around since 1925. Cecille B. deMille appeared in a film about central casting. Hires between 2000 and 3000 extras every day. Brad Pitt got his start at Central Casting. John Wayne, Ronald Reagan. 300 new applicants to Central Casting every week. Summer Weston. Jessie Hymen: world's greatest extra. Glee, The Social Network. John Starr. Sat behind John Travolta in Welcome Back, Kotter. Common extra role: a cross (walking across shot). Yvonne Lavolette.

Hal David died in Los Angeles on Sept. 1, 2012. Raindrops keep fallin' on my head. In May, 2012, awarded Gershwin Prize from Library of Congress.

Guam. Barry Petersen, postcard from Guam. 3800 miles west of Hawaii. Michael Bevaqua, professor. July 1944: Japanese made example. Biggest K-Mart in the world. One of 14 US territories. Brown tree snake. James Stanford looking for snakes. Island has five times more snakes than people. They have been eating birds. Jeff Prewell; Pirates Cove.

Pulse. Arrival of Labor Day, makes you happy. 65% of parents.

Next week. Mo Rocca interviews Ellen.

Moment of Nature. Pradaxa. Gathering of burros, by Colorado River, near Yuma, Arizona. (related to Democrat convention; donkey).


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