Sunday, September 16, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on September 16, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for September 16, 2012. However divided our nation appears to be, think about Antietam, 150 years ago. The cover story is by Serena Alschuler on Antietam. Picture of the Bloody Cornfield. Second, Vin Scully of the Dodgers is interviewed by Lee Cowan. Talking baseball. Tracy Smith does the rock band Heart. Ann and Nancy Wilson. Mo Rocca on connect the dots, polka dots. Kusama. Seth Doane, Rita Braver, Erin Moriarty.

Headlines. Four American soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Leave Sudan and Tunisia. Filmmaker questioned in Los Angeles. FBI arrested teenager in Chicago who was going to bomb. Teachers rallied in Chicago about settling the strike. British royal family on topless photos of Kate. Team owners did lock out in NHL. Weather: sunny and clear in northeast.

Serena Alschuler on Antietam Sept 17, 1862. A man fell every two seconds for 12 hours.
A cornfield near Sharpsburg, Maryland. Letter of Wilder Dwight, a Union colonel. Handwriting changes: I am wounded. Death and the Civil War. Serena referred to "Rick" Burns as opposed to Ken Burns [!] Pictures of Bloody Lane. By sunset, 4000 dead, 19,000 wounded. Photography was described as a "new" invention. Drew Faust, President of Harvard. No formal process for notifying next of kin. All of this would change. About half of casualties were not identified. Lee's army was pushed back. Five days later Lincoln issued the preliminary emancipation proclamation. Freedom for 4.5 million Americans. Quote: a country without a father vs a father without a country. a year later and hundreds of thousands of deaths [?] later. Quote from Gettysburg Address ended the piece.

Sept. 16, 1898. 114 years ago. Birthday of H.A. Rey [ Hans Augusto Rey ] of Curious George. Living in Paris in 1940. Brought MS and drawings for first Curious George taken to New York in 1941. Margaret died in 1996. Clip of 1966, Curious George goes to the Hospital. TV series. In 2006, movie with Will Farrell as voice. In 1994, in Forrest Gump. [ Man with the Yellow Hat, modelled after Adlai Stevenson. ]

"Connect the Dots" by Mo Rocca on the Princess of Polka Dots, artist Yayoi Kusama, who has a retrospective at the Whitney Museum. Matusmoto, Japan. Kusama wrote to Georgia O'Keefe and O'Keefe wrote back. The idea of layering and constant repetition. "I am here." In 2008, one work sold for $5.1 million. Kusama and happenings in 1960. Life in New York very untraditional. Body painting. Danglings: look like yams and sausages. Designer Mark Jacobs. Illustrations in new release of Alice and Wonderland.

Vincent Edward Scully by Lee Cowan. Bobble-head of Vin Scully at Dodger Stadium. Sound track of Dodgers since 1950. Vin is now 84. Perfect game of Sandy Koufax. Vin is a story teller. Valenzuela's no hitter: if you have a sombrero, throw it to the sky. I would be scared to death of having something so precious I could not wait to get it on the air. Aaron's 715th home run. The 1986 world series, and Buckner's error. Kirk Gibson's walk-off home run. Grew up in the Bronx. Four legged radio. Crowd noise like water out of showerhead. Red Barber noted Scully had something special. By age 25, Scully was announcing World Series. Scully is from another generation. A.J. Ellis hits home run; go to twitter. "The Vin Scully Show." Pitch man for razor blades. He has 16 grandchildren. He has signed on for his 64th season.

Rita Braver on 57 year old French model Carine Roitfeld. Party during New York's Fashion Week. Website "The Cut." She follows her own instincts. Iconoclast. Fashion journalism. Book "Irreverent." Porno-sheik. Seduce people by what you wear. Carine is a shy person: hair over her face. She has been with partner for 32 years, with two kids. Was Editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris. Rivalry with Anna Winter?
Collaboration with Tom Ford, using young models. After 10 years, she left Vogue Paris. CR Fashion book.

Philip Seymour Hoffman piece by Edelstein preceded by an ad for "The Master." References to a controversial religion. Clearwater, FL is home to Church of Scientology. Paul Thomas Anderson may be modeled on L. Ron Hubbard [?] Lancaster Dodd is main character. Movie is a tug of war between Anderson and Freddie Quell
( Joaquin Phoenix ). A cautionary tale for everyone. Also, Searching for Sugar Man.
with Clarence Avant.

Next, piece on band Heart by Tracy Smith. One of music's longest running sister acts. Band emerged in the 1970's. Has sold more than 30 million albums. Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson. The hit "Barracuda"

Erin Moriarty on "West Memphis Three." Damien Echols was sentenced to death. Jessie Misskelley, Jr.
Damien Eccles and Jason Baldwin of West Memphis Three. Laurie Davis. Johnny Depp. Piece done on 48 hours, including Johnny Depp. December 2010, the Arkansas Supreme Court ordered a new hearing. Then, an unusual plea deal. Steven Braga. An Alfred plea. "This is not a just result. This is a compromise result." Damien went to New York City. Laurie Davis married Damien in 1999. 37 year old Damien out of prison, but not free and a convicted felon. "West of Memphis." Now, moved to Salem, MA.

Seth Doane on photos of Kate. Staff of nine keep William and Kate on track during nine day tour in Asia. Now, photos on the island of Borneo. Pictures from Singapore. Superpower? Invisibility. Chateau D'Autet. Set back the clock 15 years. Kuala Lampur mosque. Hospis Malaysia, site of Kate's first speech. Catch of glimpse of something real in the fairy tale called Will and Kate.

Passing of Dorothy Maguire of the Maguire sisters. 1958 sugar in the morning. Person to person with Charles Collingwood. Lowell Williamson. Last performed together in 2004. Dorothy was 84 years old.

Next week on Sunday Morning. everybody's talking (on cell phones) but who is listening.

Another commercial for "The Master."

Moment of nature (no sponsor). Juno Beach [Palm Beach County]Florida. Baby loggerhead turtles taking their first steps.

Cross-reference on Harvard:

“The scope of the allegations suggests that there is work to be done to ensure that every student at Harvard understands and embraces the values that are fundamental to its community of scholars,” Harvard’s president, Drew Gilpin Faust, told The Harvard Gazette, the university’s official newspaper.


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