Thursday, August 16, 2012

Malouf's "rumble in the patent jungle"

See the post by Dave Malouf Rumble in the Patent Jungle which concludes

Who we do need to acknowledge in all this is "the little guy." The garage inventor, ironically where Apple started, has little stake in the current IP protection system. With the high cost and long delays of getting a software patent today coupled with approval rates as low as 8% there is little reason to expect that your patent would make it through the process. Then the costs of defending a patent are so incredibly high, making the entire process as an almost decadent part of government only privy to the most elite corporations in the world.

The system is required for sure, but it is also most certainly broken. A world without IP protection is not one I'm willing to live in, but I am also acutely aware as I'm entering this maze as part of a new startup I'm helping to co-found, that the complexities of technology are making it increasingly difficult to keep on protecting intellectual property at all.


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