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CBS Sunday Morning on May 6, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for May 6, 2012.  Hamlet speaks of the natural shocks that flesh is heir to.  Martha Teichner does the cover story on "my aching back."  8 of 10 Americas will suffer back pain during their lifetime. Second, Rita Braver talks with Simon Baker.   Third, Seth Doane with Rita Wilson, wife of Tom Hanks.  Fourth,  Lee Cowan on Nebraka's Bettys.  Serena Alschuler.  Bill Whittaker.  Cadillac graveyard.  Headlines:  Arraignment of Khalid Sheik Muhammed in Guantanamo.  TV feed to Fort Hamilton in New York.   Election day in France and in Greece.  Two Iranian hikers married.  Shaquille gets a Ph.D from Barry University in Miami Kentucky Derby.  The Avengers.  The Super Moon.  Weather:  nice day along the coast.

Osgood introduced the back pain story with a skeleton.  Martha asks consider the human spine in all its glory.  A miracle of engineering.  Dr. Augustus White of Harvard Medical School on a herniated disk.  Think of a jelly donut.  90% of disk injuries heal themselves after a few weeks.  1.2 million Americans undergo spinal surgeries each year.  300,000 of these are spinal fusions.  Dr. Kevin Pauza treats people.
Texas Spine and Joint Hospital in Tyler, Texas.  The domino effect.  A procedure that repairs and re-grows.  What heals a cut?  trombin and fibrinogen.  They combine and become fibrin.  Inject the two compounds into the damaged disk.  Allows degenerated disk to become a normal disk.  Pausa is waiting for FDA approval by 2015.  Currently in trials.  Started treating patients 5 or 6 years ago.  86% success rate.  Dr. Michael DePalma (SpineLine; biologic treatments for low back pain) of Virginia.  He has been involved in trials for four different treatments.  Also, consider the cost.  Fusion is 100,000 and Pauza's is about 95% less.  Better, safer, cheaper way.

Pulse.  44% have seen a doctor for back pain.

Almanac.  May 6, 1945.  Axis Sally made last propaganda broadcast.  Mildred Gillers born and raised in Maine.  Short wave English language voice.  Gillers convicted of treason in 1949.  Roger Mudd announced her parole in 1961.  She became a kindergarten music teacher.

Bill Whittaker on art, hiding in plain site.  The art collection of Cedar Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.  John T. Lange is curator of the collection.  A fun little secret.  Jasper Johns.  Andy Warhol.  Woods Davie.  An environment conducive to healing.  Lee Wiener photographs of John F. Kennedy (Addison's disease).  Dr. Bruce Gowertz, art work and surgeon's work complement each other.   Marsha and Frederick Weissman.  Portraits by Warhol are at opening of hospital.   Every piece in hospital was donated.  Susan and Leonard Nimoy appear in the clip.  Book:  Rebels in Paradise. Nimoy:  hospitals are supposed to sterile (surgically) but not intellectually.

Rita Wilson in Bosom Buddies, with Tom Hanks.  Seth Doane interviews Rita at the Troubadour in West Hollywood.  See About Me.  At age 55.  It's Complicated.  Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Chicago.  Amoeba Records in Hollywood.  Rita Wilson:  AM/FM.  She worked at LA's Universal Amphitheater.  She appeared in the Brady Bunch. (Pat Conway; cheerleader episode).    Movie:  Volunteers.  She worked with Tom Hanks.  Larry Crowne.  Playtone Pictures.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  Wilson's parents came to US from Greece before she was born.

Chinese dissident Chen.  David Martin does Sunday Journal on Chen.  Diplomatic imbroglio.  Scaled 8 walls to escape but broke foot.  Ambassador Locke (former Secretary of Commerce).  Chen was meeting around the clock with officials.

Serena Alschuler on blue jeans/denim.  Michael Allan Harris.  Denim detective.  He hunts old mines in search of blue gold.  The jeans of the Old West.  Piece from 1873; unstamped rivets.  Wear patterns.
Recreate the wear patterns to establish "lived in" look.  Marlon Brando in The Wild One.  Denim bluejeans personify freedom.  The metal rivet, to hold denim together, was PATENTED by Levi and Strauss.  Roy Slaper of label "Roy."  A one man sweat shop.    Oakland, California.  Cone Mills Corporation in North Carolina.  As it wears it looks more beautiful than when new.   $340 for jeans.
Mat and Kerry Edmonson in Nashville, TN.  Imogene and Willy.   Sugar Cane.  Iron Heart.  The indigo dye left the fabric and left wear patterns.   American history of work and play.

Pulse.  42% wear jeans to work. 32% never wear jeans to work.

The Devil Wears Prada.  Baker with Anne Hathaway.  Rita Braver interviews Simon Baker.  Cocky and quirky.  Annoying and charming.  Baker:  I've always been a very shy person.  Baker was born on Tasmania and grew up on coast of New South Wales.  Never saw eye to eye with his father.  Lover You Right (1992).  Heartbreak High (1994).  E Street.  Baker on Americans:  I was shy and they weren't.  In 1995, went to LA.  LA Confidential (1997).  The Devil Wears Prada.  Good looking guy that's a little vacuous.  Married to Rebecca Riggs since 1998.  He's a devoted family man.  Nicole Kidman is godfather to one of Baker's sons.  "Of course he wouldn't he's from Australia."  The Affair of the Neclace.  Smith and "The Guardian." Leslie Moonves.    At the end of the day, being a parent is head and shoulders above it all.

Lee Cowan on "First Name Basis."  Hastings, Nebraska.  Lockland Country Club.  Everyone with first name Betty.  "Nebraska Betty's".  Betty Crampton.  Betty's a Star.   A boatload of Bettys.  Bettys are an endangered species.   Betty Rubble.  Betty Crocker.  But somewhere along the line, Betty went out of favor.   Betty Kruger started the Betty Club in 1994.  Now, a dozen local chapters.  Good bye, Betty.

Sunday Passage.  Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys. Four number one albums.  Salivary gland cancer.

Charles Kuralt.  Steve Hartman in Amarillo, Texas.  Kuralt did story of the Cadillacs 37 years ago.  Cadillac graveyard off of Route 66. Stanley Marsh, III.  Cadillac Ranch.  Whatever psyches my fancy.  Truckhenge in Topeka.  VW slug bug ranch.  CarHenge.  Stanley said:  you don't plant cars for profit.

Next week on Sunday Morning:  Alex Trebek of Jeopardy.  

Moment of nature.  Pradaxa.  Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge in upstate New York.  Ducks.

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