Friday, April 06, 2012

Scott Pelley reprises Kuralt on inventor Bobby Hinds

For the final story on CBS Nightly News on April 6, 2012, Scott Pelley pulled out a 1970's story by Charles Kuralt on inventor Bobby Hinds, updated a bit by Steve Hartman.

See also Boxer Bobby Hinds started with jump ropes and built a $12 million enterprise including the text:

He invented the portable gym in 1977. "I discovered there's nothing better than running your own business," says Hinds. "I had been hustling all my life, and this gave me a chance to do it for something I believed in."

This sentiment, not surprisingly, triggers yet another story. Seems a fellow hustler at a federal prison in Illinois recently ordered a portable gym, only to have it intercepted by guards and returned. Hinds thought nothing of it until he found out the prisoner was an organized crime boss. "Maybe," says Hinds, grinning, "when he gets out, I can get him to do an infomercial."


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