Sunday, April 08, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on Easter 2012

Charles Osgood did the news for Easter Sunday 2012. The lead event was the arrest of two individuals, Jake England and Alvin Watts, in the murders of three in Tulsa, OK. The 40,000 workers of AT&T are still working. 100,000 attend Easter Mass in the Vatican. Concerns by people at USGS over lesions found in polar bears near Beaufort Sea. Peter Hansen leads Masters. Weather: clear skies over US.

Thomas de Wesselow, art historian, is interviewed by Martha Teichner on the subject of the Shroud of Turin. The last time the Shroud was publicly displayed was 2010. Radiocarbon dating placed the age at 1260 to 1390 AD. Thomas asserts a provocative theory: Each supposed sighting of the Christ was actually a sighting of the shroud. The history of the Shroud is well-chronicled. The shroud went to Damascus. Then Edessa, Constantinople.. Later, Lirey, France in 1355. In Turin, since 1578. Harold W. Attridge of Yale Divinity School analyzes the de Wesselow theory and book. In 1898, Pia photographed the shroud. In 1978, the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STRP). Thomas asserts chemical reaction. Like crust of bread going brown in oven. Teichner asks: what does this do to the Resurrection? Harold W. Attridge gives further points.

Almanac. April 8, 1986. Voters of Carmel, CA elect Clint Eastwood mayer. Frogs Breath Inn. Do I feel lucky?

Brooklyn Heights row house was location for birth of book The Phantom Tollbooth. Milo. Author: Norman Juster and Jules Pfeiffer. Foothills of Confusion. Short Shrift. The Spelling Bee. The Armies of Wisdom mounted on cats? Dictionopolis. Quote: Fantasy is bad for children because it disorients them. Make a connection between yourself and some anonymous readers. "Things to invent and make."

What was for dinner at the Last Supper? from the Fast Draw. Craig Wansink. In time, paintings depicted larger and larger portions of food. Lamb, roast pig but the Bible only describes bread and wine. Life imitating art?

Clip of Billy Graham in 1957 in Madison Square Garden. Byron Pitts interviews son of Billy Graham, Franklin. Old time fiery and brimstone in the cool age of television. Billy Graham is now 93. Right wing zealot? Faithful? Presidential inauguration in 2001, mention of Jesus. Then after 9/11, labelled Islam wicked. Issue of Obama being a Christian. The way Franklin executes his faith has brought Franklin praise. The son is a cowboy boots and blue jeans man. Pitts: you have been picking fights since high school. Grew up in mountains of North Carolina. Franklin was thrown out of high school and college. At age 22, Billy gave him a choice: there's no half way; accept Jesus Christ or you don't. Ruth Bell Graham. View of Franklin's office reveals guns.
The greatest work I can do: how many people's lives I can impact. Christ died for the whole world. The Bible is the word of God, and every word is true, cover to cover.

In the last week, three artists died. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, who designed the 911 sports car in the 1960s, died last week. Tim Marshall enhanced the amplifier. A louder and fuzzier sound wanted by Peter Townsend. Spinal Tap. Numbers go to eleven. Thomas Kincaid died on Friday. 60 Minutes interview in 2001. Million seller art. Paintings in 10 million homes.

David Terracama on traveling to Lourdes. David described a friend who took his mother to Lourdes. In France, only Paris has more hotels than Lourdes. David gives clips of various visitors to Lourdes. Marlene Watkins. Bernadette of Lourdes. 1858. Waters stated to have remarkable healing powers. The church has recognized only 67 cases of true miracles. Think about the difficulties of bringing a handicapped person to Lourdes. Dan Ravetto, a volunteer. The North American Lourdes Volunteers.

Lee Cowan does Sunday Profile on Jim Abbott. Baseball does not discriminate. "I was born this way." University of Michigan. Number 25 at Yankee Stadium. Spent his life teeing up expectations. "Dad, do you like your little hand." Abbott's book "Imperfect." Mike and Kathy Abbott. [The hand] could not be an excuse. He did not want pity. He just wanted to play. Brick wall in Flint, Michigan. In 1987, named best amateur athlete. Jim made it to majors with Angels. Kids who were not going to let circumstances of their life be an excuse. Sept 4, 1993: no hitter for Jim Abbott. Abbott gets new fans every day. "I was doing something I loved to do." Don't let anybody change your opinion.

Opinion. Preface: Istanbul, Turkey talks on Iran nuclear program. Ben Stein begins opinion piece, noting "it's Passover." Enemies of Jews.6 million in Europe, roughly half the Jews on earth. Now Israel is threatened with another holocaust. "Maybe is not good enough." The survivors cannot accept maybe. If they are going to be saved, they have to save themselves.

Franc Grom of Slovenia carves designs on egg shells. Each egg contains 2000 to 3000 holes.

In 1917, Irving Berlin wrote a song for the girls left behind. Smile and show your dimple. In 1933, Berlin gave it new lyrics: you'll be the grandest lady in the Easter Berlin. Osgood at the Baldwin piano sings the song.

Preview of "Face the Nation." Timothy Dolan and Richard Land. [Morley Safer talks on death of Mike Wallace.]

A moment is taken to note the death of Mike Wallace of "60 Minutes."

Moment of Nature by Pradaxa. Beech Forest [near Provincetown] on Cape Cod.


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