Sunday, April 08, 2012

April 8: Horatio, we have a situation

The initial video scene to CSI: Miami on April 8 [ “Habeas Corpse"] ends with Ryan Wolfe saying: "Horatio, we have a situation." Wolf is in a room with a dead ASA Josh Avery. The CSIs clear Ryan, with Walter saying to Ryan "the next time you decide to go rogue, give a call for backup."

Somebody put spyware in a cellphone of Avery. And, Avery's landline was bugged. But the landline bug was by Avery's CSI girlfriend, Samantha Owens. This is the event that causes Horatio to swipe things off the table.

Tape from the landline tap shows Darren Vogel was giving instructions to Josh Avery.

The CSIs inspect Josh Avery's boat and find a load of meth. A sample is inspected in the lab for a chemical signature to identify the source. Sodium metal [sic !] and red phosphorous. Eddie Coster is implicated as the chemist making the meth. Line: a human tiki torch. Narco confiscated over 40 kilos of meth when Coster was arrested. But something is moving in the bag in evidence. The "dope" is actually flour, and the movement was a weevil. Looking at the log, Walter and Ryan find that Samantha was working evidence when the flour/dope was logged.

Eddie Coster had kidnapped Samantha and Darren. Samantha is driving and causes the car to flip off an overpass. Samantha is alive, but Ryan finds something in her shoe. Shard of glass from the wine bottle. Samantha was in the room with Ryan and Josh.
Ryan to Samantha: What did you do? Ryan: You left me there.

The episode ends with the team having a get-together. Could serve as a series-finale.


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