Saturday, March 17, 2012

The prison on Central Park

An 2002 article in The Morning News titled Prison on the Park described the Lincoln Correctional Facility, located on the north side of New York's Central Park, and ended with the text:

The five percent who don’t make parole, Williams said, usually come from the prisoners who comprise the rest of Lincoln’s population: white-collar criminals. It’s more than a little ironic that quite a few of them have probably spent time in some of Central Park’s tonier and better-known addresses. In any case, they’ve gotten to know Lincoln pretty well.

Flash forward ten years, to 2012, and one learns that L. Dennis Kozlowski (of Tyco fame) joins Alan D. Hevesi, the former New York state comptroller, at the Lincoln Correctional Facility.

Part of the Tyco legacy was the ADT deal. From There was a problem though with the deal: ADT was based in Bermuda. Tyco could not bring ADT back to the America without paying taxes that were going to cost more than the deal. So we did a reverse merger, in which ADT would acquire Tyco. And the management of Tyco would become the management of ADT Within the article, Kozlowski notes: Guys we hired out of business schools don’t have that human element experience. Plus, their idea of a career path is to spend 15 minutes in a job and then get promoted to division president. And, of the future of the alarm industry: A completely wireless system that can be designed on the Internet without central station monitoring and checked over a cell phone is the future of the industry. The industry is going to be technically driven over the next number of years. (Patents anyone?)


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