Saturday, March 03, 2012

NBC Nightly News criticizes BBG Communications on 3 March 2012

NBC Nightly News on March 3 covered the problems associated with phone calls made by American troops using BBG Communications service.

Stars and Stripes reported on March 2: Service members, who have complained about the high rates they are charged at pay phones while transiting Leipzig/Halle Airport, received support from a U.S. senator this week, when she accused the company with the contract of “seeking financial gain on the backs of our military men and women.”

A class-action lawsuit and anopen letter from Sen. Barabara Boxer, D-Calif., have thrown the spotlight on BBG Communications Inc., a San Diego-based company that operates phones in domestic and international airports, as well as the only phone bank in the military-secure area of the Leipzig/Halle Airport, according to the lawsuit.

NBC's Lester noted that Stan Sternes, who photographed John Kennedy saluting his father during the funeral in 1963, died yesterday.


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