Sunday, March 18, 2012

"The Good Wife" on March 18, 2012

The beginning scene of "The Good Wife" in "The Gloves Come Off" involves a partner meeting. Diane mentions someone leaked info of Will to the disciplinary committee. Diane notes: if you have an issue with the way things are run, you talk to me. If you want to backstab someone, do it right here. Diane brings up Alisha's raise and recommends 10%. Will asks Diane who leaked the info about Will to the disciplinary committee. Alisha is doing a snowmobile case, wherein the snowmobile steering mechanism locked. A bench-supervised negotiation is ordered. The snowmobile client tells Alisha: life is short, and I'd do anything to go backward. The snowmobile maker invokes chronic encephalopothy (previous hockey player; 86 games (de Vernais)) and thus modified comparative negligence as a defense. The new strategy: bring the hockey league in as a defendant. Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) appears for the hockey league.

Julius Kane and Alisha Florrick are handling the hockey case. Alisha interviews Cary about the issue of criminal charges in a hockey fight involving the former hockey player. Mr. Raker, a left winger, testifies. Christian Lund was hit by the former player (de Vernais). On Feb. 15, Rader decked de Vernais, in retaliation.

Canning asked Alisha if she was happy at Lockhart Gardner. Canning asks to make Alisha an offer and Alisha says no.

Frank Michael Thomas (J. Fred Thompson) meets with the neuro specialist after the neuro's testimony. Fred says "Acting is all about the voice." Fred is suing the hockey league. My answer (to joining) is "not a chance in hell." Fred to Alisha and Will: you are going to lose bad.

In the middle of the show, the "Highland Park Liberal Plan" and national politics get discussed.

Canning asks de Vernais if he faked his baseline text and the answer was yes. After the hearing, Canning catches a ride with Alisha, and they discuss details of an offer. Then Alisha changes her mind. Canning: this is how America works.

At the hearing, copyright issues arise over videoclips from hockey games. The hockey league does issue cease-and-desist orders to people posting clips. BUT How many cease-and-desist orders to a hockey fight website, wherein people vote on who will win fights? answer: none. At the end of hearing, Thomas (J. Fred Thompson) has a change of heart and offers to help Lockhart Gardner.

Why are there no real fights during the (hockey) championship series? Then Alisha is queried about her relationship with Will.

Frank (Fred): don't look at this as a benevolent gesture. When you use this against Canning, try to draw blood.

Dr. Wed got a rejection email from the league on treating injuries. Canning gives Alisha a brown envelope with an offer.

Diane screws up on the phone between Curt and Jack.

Eli tells Will he did not leak, but David Lee did. Will tells Eli David Lee said Eli leaked.

Alisha informs Diane that Canning has given her an offer. Diane asks till the end of the week to make a decision on a counter-offer and concludes "End of the week Alisha, or you clean out your desk right now."

At this point, the snow mobile company agrees to settle for the full five million. Diane invokes "managing partner prerogative" and gives Alisha the raise. Will tells Diane: you stuck your neck out for a third year associate. Diane: with your position, you've left us exposed. Canning to Alisha: you used me. (but) I needed to smoke Frank Thomas out, and now [thanks to you] I know.

Alisha to Kalinda: I want to try to make it work. I can't be the only one trying to be honest. (...) Good, ok, I'll see you tomorrow.


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