Sunday, March 04, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on March 4, 2012

Lee Cowan introduced the stories for March 4, 2012. The sea and rubbish. David Pogue does the cover story. In 1997, floating plastic. Second, bombshell, Hedy Lamarr. Stand around and look stupid. How Hedy got a patent on guided torpedo. Smith on Cindy Crawford. Fourth, Bill Geist on masters of charm. MIT teaches the social graces in a charm school. Fifth, Mo Rocca on the centennial of the Oreo. Headlines: rescue workers comb through wreckage in five states. West Liberty, KY. New Pekin in southern Indiana. Court must approve tentative deal involving BP and plaintiffs. Mitt Romney won victory in Washington caucuses. Rush Limbaugh apologized. 47th anniversary of bloody Sunday, Selma, Alabama. Lindsey Lohan on Saturday Night Live. Weather: chilly to mild in northeast.

Rubbish! by David Pogue of the New York Times on debris in the ocean. Plastic does last forever. 2.5% of world production of plastic ends up in the ocean. Captain Charles Moore. In 1997 in north Pacific, a swirling sewer: the great Pacific garbage patch. A dispersed soup of trash. There are five floating swamps of garbage. Nerdles, plastic pellets. Mylar balloons. There is a balloon lobby. As plastic breaks down into smaller pieces, fish and birds eat them. Discarded fish nets keep fishing. Steve Russell of plastics lobbiy. Plastics should be recycled. Nancy Wallace of Marine Debris Program for NOAA. Get 4 million per year. It would take 100s of ships to clean up the ocean. American Chemistry Council. Last year from Japan: a huge debris field was launched. Sometimes even a little guy can be an instrument of change, as shown with Captain Moore.

Almanac. March 4, 1881. Day 1 for Sherlock Holmes. A study in scarlet, was set in 1881. Dr. Joseph Bell. Holmes would treat crime as Bell treated disease. Doyle died in 1930. Fourteen films with Basil Rathbone, starting with the Hound of the Baskervilles. Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law. 221B Baker Street.

Rita Braver does furniture design. Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams. Sensitivity for comfort. They met at a bar in 1987. Bob was a graphic artist for Seventeen. Mitchell was from Trenton, NJ. Vinyard/Christmas tree farm in Virginia. Soft dining room chair with white slip cover. Ads featuring sexy men. In 2005: "Faith in America." Youth in Crisis. Richard Chamberlain, Martina Navritalova. In 1989, opened their own factory near Hickory, North Carolina. "The Comfort Zone." In 2001, they stopped being a couple. An evolution of things that just happened. Camp Hickory. Their pieces have names, like Keith. Bob has a new house.

Ziegfeld Girl with Hedy Lamarr. "The most beautiful woman in the world." Boom Town. I take this woman. Come live with me. The most desirable pinup. Richard Rhodes, author, science writer. Hedy Lamarr's patents. The sheer inventiveness of the invention. Secret communication via frequency hopping. Channeling her inner Thomas Edison. A wall of engineering reference books. Clip with Lamarr's son, Anthony Loder. She wanted to stop the Hollywood stuff. An idea for a different Kleenex box, traffic light. Left Europe on the Normandy, on same ship as Mayer. By end of voyage, $600 per week contract with Mayer. George Anoult. Ballet Mecanique. Synchronized pianos. Make transmitter and receiver simultaneously jump. Put a player piano in a torpedo. The Navy's response: raise money for war bonds. Hedy Lamarr on What's My Line. Frequency hopping used with wireless phones. Hedy signed patent over to the Navy. Invention & Technology. Botched plastic surgery. Died in Florida at the age of 86. See 2008 post on IPBiz, August 11: anniversary of Hedy Lamarr's patent : August 11 is the anniversary of Hedy Lamarr's patent (US 2,292,387); see Aug. 11, 1942: Actress + Piano Player = New Torpedo and see post on ncafe

Elections in Russia and Iran. In Russia, there are five candidates for president, one of whom is Putin. Issue of election rigging last fall. The only suspense is "how large" a margin Putin gets. Elizabeth Palmer in Iran. Contest between hardliners and harder liners. Quote: we wish Israel would attack us and then we would erase it from the map.

Mo Rocca on the Oreo. Paul Goldberger is an admirer of the Oreo. Iconic design. A contradcition makes perfect sense. Andrew Lewicky. Judith Klausner. Orea cameos. Current design from 1952. 35 billion cookies consumed last year. Gus Markotos. Hill Country Chicken: oreos into pudding pies. Baker chick makes faux oreos. What about hydrox, 4 years earlier, but ended in 2003. Hydrox name sounds like cleaning solution. Oreo has symmetry. Hovering. John Lautener: flying saucer houses. Brand of cookie, last 200 years? 84% of men eat their Oreo intact, but not so with women.

Davy Jones. Clip: I wanna be free. He was 5 foot 3. Monkees as pre-fab four. 1971 guest appearance on the Brady Bunch. 1993 CBS interview with Davy Jones. Jones was 66 at his death.

Tracy Smith does Sunday Profile on Cindy Crawford. Her famous face is now a brand. Omega watches. Meaninful Beauty. Allure Magazine. Work at St. Jude's Childrens Hospital in Memphis. Cindy Crawford from DeKalb, Illinois. Jeff, her brother, had leukemia. Jeff died before his fourth birthday. Her father ended up leaving when Cindy was a freshman in high school. Crawford went to Northwestern as a chemical engineering major. She dropped out after one term to try modelling. Issue of her mole. Vogue cover in 1986. MTVs House of Style. Married Richard Gere. Then Randy Gerber. Crawford just turned 46. If you're happy in your life, it's easier to take.

Masters of Charm, done by Bill Geist. MIT charm school. Bringing social graces to science nerds. Christine Chen interviewed.
Firm handshake, eye contact, repeat person's names. Anneki Gupta on dressing for success. Tieing a bowtie. Eve Sullivan has been a charm school professor for 18 years. Seminar in business dining etiquette. Instructions on being seated. Do not put personal items on the table. Charm school diplomas issued.

The year 1962 by Bill Flanagan of MTV. Cuban missile crisis. John Glenn orbiting the earth. James Meredith at UMiss.
Beatles. Bob Dylan. Beach Boys. First WalMart, first KMart. Rolling Stones. Warhol Campbell's soup. Johnny Carson. Rachel Carson. James Bond in Dr. No. What about 2012 + 50. Spider Man lauched in 1962. Supreme Court banned prayer. Nobody did it better.

Next week: all hail the chieftans.

Moment of nature. Pradaxa. Baby bison near New Castle in central Oklahoma.


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