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CBS Sunday Morning on March 18, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for March 18, 2012. We're getting an early start on spring. The cover story is by Susan Spencer on medications to treat depression. The depressing news about depression. Richard Roth on the Chieftans, on Irish music. Third, Mo Rocca on Eric McCormack. Fourth, Rita Braver on the art of video games. Fifth, Erin Moriarty; David Martin.
Headlines: Mitt Romney campaigning. Arab spring in Syria. American teacher shot dead in Yemen. Former Nazi (John Demjanjuk) died. Video of northern lights from NASA. 60's in northeast.

"One in ten" by Susan Spencer, referring to CDC reporting 1 in 10 Americans are depressed. Jerome Wakefield a professor at NYU. Something goes wrong: generating sadness. Richard Friedman at Weil-Cornell Medical College. 27 million Americans. Wakefield says there is a spike in diagnosing sadness, not a spike in sadness. Cymbalta commercials. Re-shapes our cultural view. No longer acceptable to be sad. More people (30 million) take antidepressants than go to moviews. DeReuvis of Penn State published in JAMA that antidepressants no better than placebos. Lexapro mentioned. Diasta/Prozac. 65% of prescriptions for antidepressants are written by primary care physicians. The mechanism of "sadness" is not understood.

Almanac. March 18, 1852: Wells Fargo formed as banking and express company. Tales of Well Fargo 1957-1962, Dale Robertson. Song in "The Music Man." In 1905, banking biz separated from express biz. Now, Wells Fargo is fourth largest bank by assets.

Name of the Game. A celebration of videogames in the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Betys Bloom, director, The Art of Videogames. Moving paintings. Japanese woodcuts. M.C. Escher. Chris Melosinus was curator. Pitfall, Combat, Space Invaders, Pac Man from 1981, appealed to women. Super Mario in 1985. 2010 and Heavy Rain.

Richard Roth on The Chieftans, for the record. Paddy Maloney, 50 years of the Chieftans. Back in 1962, traditional Irish music to entertain an audience. One critic: they didn't sing and they had no sex appeal. Another: looked like six cadavers on stage. Early collaborators: The Rolling Stones. Keith Richards. Ricky Skaggs. Pavorotti. Sting. Platforms throughout the world. Paddy Maloney almost 74. Bring Irish music to the rest of the world. Anniversay album. Voice of Ages including Carolina Chocolate Drops. Pistol Annies. Preserving the past while engaging the future. Tin whistle. Katie Coleman on the International Space Station.

Two different criminal cases this week. David Martin and Erin Moriarty give Sunday Journals. David Martin on Bales/Afghanistan.
A watershed moment. General John Allen: too early now to predict what it means. Increase public pressure to be "done" with this war. Reduce US forces to 68,000 by next December. John Henry Brown is Bales' defense attorney: issue of re-deployment. Erin Moriarty on hate crimes. James Bird in 1998. Matthew Shepard. 10,000 hate crimes documented every year. Dharun Ravi convicted of hate crime in NJ; the weapon was a camera. Sept. 19, 2010. people are having a viewing party. Mark Foyer of Seton Hall: verdict was overreaction. Movie: Boys don't cry. Dharun faces 10 years in prison.

Greg Smith on Goldman Sachs. Clients called Muppets. Infrequent fliers: Clampetts. Platinum trash. Foamers. Bobbleheads.
Piker, Mark, Pawn. Deadbeats: pays bill every month. Term: inmate.

Update on Foxconn story on Sunday Morning. This American Life said Daisey exaggerated Foxconn situation. CBS confirmed all aspects of Sunday Morning story except working 12 year old. Foxconn and Apple declined to respond on this item.

Patti Smith plugged. Sunday Morning ringtone as Apple app.

The Crystal Cathedral. "A House Divided." Story by Brian Rooney. Robert Schuler. A new Christian positivity. If you can dream it, you can do. The Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA. At its peak, 20 million people. Celia Schuler Coleman, starting over in a move theater. Income dropped by a third. Bankruptcy. Designed by Philip Johnson. Devolved into lawsuits. The future: get a message and put it on the web. Comeback story. A setback is a setup for a comeback.

Eric McCormack won an Emmy for work on "Will and Grace." Profile by Mo Rocca. Gore Vidal's "The Best Man" on Broadway. Angela Landsbury and John Laroquette and James Earl Jones. McCormack saw Jones in Othello, with Christopher Plummer. Food in Les Pescadeux [90 Thompson Street]. Studied at Ryerson University, where his father went. Father acted in Antigone. Show: Perception.

Faith Staley on Girl Scouts. Buying or boycotting? Mistletoe Troop baked first cookies. Download an app that will locate a cookie sale near you. Bob Morris refused to sign a resolution on celebration of 100th anniversary. Bobby Montoya, transgender. Cookie boycott.

4th warmest winter on record. 3rd least snowy. 6000 high temperature records. 27 states recorded among warmest. 324th consecutive month of warm records. Pulse: 35% say spring is favorite season.

Steve Hartman in Pocatello, Idaho. "Museum of Clean." Don Aslett. Varsity House Cleaning. Cleanliness carries over into all aspects of life. 6 million dollars invested in the museum. [Last line: Now if we can just get a truth museum.]

Next week on Sunday Morning. The money issue 2012.

Moment of nature. Handihaler. Washington DC cherry blossoms. Jefferson Memorial in background.


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