Sunday, March 18, 2012

"At risk" episode of CSI: Miami

The initial scene involves a dog attacking first one man (tennis instructor Hopper), then another Ross (who was attempting rescue), in a locker room at a tennis academy. A tennis racket had been used to bar the handles of the doors. Custodian Ross, the second man, dies.

The dog is a fighting dog. An RFID scan is made, and the dog identified. The dog is Brutus. Mr. Torrez is the registered owner, who rescues fighting dog and re-trains them. But Brutus was stolen before being re-trained.

Tom looks at the racket. Graphite frame; hybrid strings. This racket was custom made. Unique tension setting. 52.6 X 54.3 tension. The tension of the racket of Jack Brody. Brody was earlier instructed by Hopper.

A disgruntled client (Janet Wells) had confronted Harper about the $40,000 tuition paid for her son, who still could not play tennis.

There is a search of the records. Austin North comes up. Austin is from a prior episode, and is now under the care of a foster mom.

Then, a page of a deposition reveals an "inappropriate touching"/sexual issue for Coach Hopper from 2002. Coach Hopper declines to reveal the name of the party, based on a nondisclosure agreement. There is a possibility that the charges of "inappropriate touching" were fabricated.

Austin talks about Coach Jack Brody. "You should never trust an adult who asks you to keep a secret." "Sometimes money trumps morality."

A twist in the case. The janitor's clothes were covered with pheromones. The story established that Ross the janitor had been aware of child molestation and did nothing to help. Brody and Torrez (actually Diaz) were both involved in the dog attack. Diaz had been molested by Hopper at the tennis academy, told Brody, who did not believe him. Diaz had motive to want both Hopper and Ross dead.

Victim Andrew Kingman signed a non-disclosure agreement. The police assert that anything that happened after the nondisclosure agreement is not covered by the NDA. The final scene shows Hopper being led off in handcuffs from the tennis academy, and then shot.


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