Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NCIS on 28 Feb. 2012

Chief Petty Officer Leland Wiley is the decedent in the episode "Need to Know." Wiley worked at the Navy Research Lab. Wiley copied information on drones/stealth aircraft.

Wiley's pacemaker was internet addressable. The murderer addressed the victim's pacemaker via the internet and set the hard rate to 400. Extreme tachycardia. The signal originated from a cell phone of Michael (Mickey) Reardon of Herndon, VA.. Reardon does a great escape run from Tony and Zeva until intercepted by Gibbs in a car. Reardon gets to meet Wiley face to face in the morgue.

Katia Winter guest stars as model Ava Baransky, who gets intercepted at the Philadelphia Airport. Inspector Challis told NCIS that DIA said to grease the skids for Ava's entry into the US. Dorneget manages to get locked up in ladies room off of I-95, as Ava escapes. But then Gibbs tells Tim to let her go (after she had escaped). The "secrets" are bogus plants.

Line: "THe Buick is out of the garage, Dorneget "

In front of Teaton's, Gibbs is told by DIA "You don't have the need to know."

Tim gives Dorneget Gibbs Rule No. 1: you don't screw over your partner. Rule No. 10: never get involved personally in a case.

***Last line of the episode, from Agah Bayar:

Come on Gibbsie, let me buy you a drink.


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