Thursday, February 23, 2012

Heroin vaccine patented?


Researchers at the country's [Mexico's] National Institute of Psychiatry say they have successfully tested the vaccine on mice and are preparing to test it on humans.

The vaccine, which has been patented in the United States, works by making the body resistant to the effects of heroin, so users would no longer get a rush of pleasure when they smoke or inject it.

The patent application identified by the commenter below [ 20120046232 ] is to inventor Peter Kalivas of the Medical University of South Carolina and is titled COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS FOR REDUCING RELAPSE OF ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOR.

The patent application identified in the post is likely published US 20110318381 titled PROCESS FOR THE PREPARATION AND USE OF A BIVALENT VACCINE AGAINST MORPHINE-HEROINE ADDICTION first inventor Benito Anton Palma, assignee Instituto Nacional De Psiquiatria Ramon De La Fuente Muniz.


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