Sunday, February 05, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on February 5, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Sunday, February 5, 2012. College and university life in America includes hazing. Tracy Smith reports on haszing, including about Carson Starkey, who was involved in an alcohol ritual. Second, the Duke and the Duchess, directed by Madonna, by Mark Phillips. Third, Rita Braver on Carey Grant, a recycled story. Fourth, Bill Geist on Just my Type, on typewriters. Fifth, hair styles; then long-serving mayor (a recycle).
News: Mitt Romney won big in Nevada. Violence in Syria has claimed at least 62 lives. Bitterly cold weather in Europe. Winter weather in Colorado; six feet of snow. Ben Gazzara died at age 81. Weather: cool air.

Tracy Smith started with a videoclip of the FAMU band, and Robert Champion. Hank Newer at Franklin College in Indiana covers the topic. The first hazing death Mortimer Leggett. 82% of hazing deaths involve alcohol. Chuck Stenzel at Alfred University in 1978. Smith invterivewed the parents of Carson Starkey of Austin, Texas who went to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA. Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Brown bag night. December 1, 2008. A box filled with alcohol. The parents first notice was from the coroner's office. The Starkeys sued the fraternity. Knowing about infractions is crucial. The Starkeys are lobbying. Aware, Awake, Alive.

Almanac. February 5, 1897. Edwin Johnston Goodwin. How to square the circle. If pi = 3.2. Professor Waldo of Purdue. Mr. Spock: compute to the last digit the value of pi. Morley Safer of Jake Barnett, who memorized more than 200 digits of pi. Princeton, New Jersey on Pi Day, March 14. Lincoln Davis, pi day resolution. H res. 224.

1988 movie Hairspray introduced the segment "the long and short of it." Faith Staley. Who needs a fur when you can grow your own? Nick Arojo. Actress Signourney Weaver, self-expression of the human being. It's all about hair and makeup. It's all about what's inside the cake. Farrah Fawcett. Snooki's pouff. Hair products in the 1700's included lard. Women's hair could catch on fire. Penny Jolly of Skidmore College. Yale's Maryanne LaFrance. Put different hair styles on same face. Women without hair were seen as most intelligent. Long blonde straight hair: most narrow minded. Bad hair day. "Dress for Success" free hair and make up sessions. Concept of "deeply shallow people" Average human head contains 100,000 individual hairs.

Mark Phillips on Edward the 8th. The abdication speech of Edward. 75 years later, history is being re-written. WE. Madonna does story from Wallace Simpson's point of view. Wallace Simpson as romantic heroine. That Woman, by Anne Sebba. Found a packet of letters to Ernest Simpson. Wallace still expressed affection to Ernest. She wanted to call off the marriage. Stanley Baldwin, smear campaign against Wallace. George VI was the better choice for war time. "She deserves to be understood."

ALS. John Blackstone on Dr. Rick Olney. In 2004, a videotape with announcement that he had ALS. 5600 Americans get it every year. Richard K. Olney died last week. A patient at the University of California/San Francisco. Kathy Loman Hurt who treated him, was once his student.

Bill Geist on Bill Wahl's typewriter repair shop. A typewriter renaissance. Brady & Kowalski at New York flea market.
Something romantic about typing a letter. I said it was a new invention. Back in Mesa, AZ.

Angelo Dundee died on Wednesday in Tampa. Don Cornelius died in Wednesday in Los Angeles. All aboard the Soul Train.

The Rita Braver story on Cary Grant was broadcast on May 1, 2011. Book titled "Good Stuff."

Opinion by Ben Stein. Facebook files for IPO. American Airlines. 13,000 employees to be laid off. JFK: life is unfair. Those American Airline folks deserve a lot better than what they are getting.

Winners of SuperBowl get $88,000, losers: 44,000. Most attended, Rose Bowl: 103,985 vs 61946 for Super Bowl I. over 3 million fans for all superbowls. $3.5 million per 30 second spot. 71.4 million pounds of avocados. Tickets for tonight $600

Paoli's favorite son. Mayor of Paoli, Colorado, population 50. Marilyn Miller, postmaster.

Moment of nature. Pradaxa. Kartchner Caverns in southeast Arizona. [ Kartchner Caverns State Park ]
From its website:

Kartchner Caverns is home to:

one of the world's longest soda straw stalactites: 21 feet 3 inches (Throne Room)
the tallest and most massive column in Arizona, Kubla Khan: 58 feet tall (Throne Room)
the world's most extensive formation of brushite moonmilk (Big Room)
the first reported occurrence of “turnip” shields (Big Room)
the first cave occurrence of “birdsnest” needle quartz formations
many other unusual formations such as shields, totems, helictites, and rimstone dams.


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