Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hungary’s President Pál Schmitt accused of plagiarism in Ph.D. thesis

The Hungarian news magazine HVG asserts that the 1992 thesis of Hungary President Pál Schmitt comprises 180 out of a total of 215 pages which amount to material copied as a Hungarian translation of a 1987 work by Nikolai Georgiev titled “Analyse du programme olympique (des Jeux de l’Olympiade)” .

One of the more interesting comments is that of one of the two people who examined the Schmitt thesis, which was submitted to the Faculty of Physical Education, now a part of Semmelweis University . Ferenc Takács wrote: “we would like to bring attention in particular to the fact that this topic has not been discussed neither in the domestic nor in the international academic literature with this level of detail.” The contrarianHungarian noted: Mr. Schmitt’s doctoral dissertation uses neither endnotes nor footnotes.


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