Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CSI: Marg's final episode on Jan. 25, 2012

Marg ends up shot, staying in "room 12." Gets her wound cauterized with a curling iron, but then leaves, with Russell.

Marg gets into a strip club run by Teddy, under the name "Goldilocks." Marg described her past "working the pole." Jimmy Tedero saw Marg as more than just a pretty face. Marg became a CSI talking to Jimmy at the strip club.

In the past episode, Laura Gabriel survived, but not so lucky in the beginning of this one. [She didn't really die, but gets to go to prison!]

Russell figured out that Marg's resignation letter was a fake. It had text: "I have to do something. I have one last bit of unfinished business." The plot of the bad guys: "Marg goes postal and kills Mark Gabriel."

Russell plans the escape from the strip club, in two body bags, one extra long.

Occam's Razor comes up, from Sara.

How was Laura Gabriel identified? Were the initially used exemplars faked? A gory scene taking bone marrow from a crispy corpse. James McQuade's body was really Jeffrey Kruger.

So, in reality, James McQuade of the FBI conspired with Laura Gabriel to incriminate Mark Gabriel. The police tip off Mark: Laura set "your own dogs on you."

41 Fern Ridge Road in Las Vegas.

Did McQuade try to save Marg? He saw in Marg, what he used to be. Someone with integrity. The FBI offers Marg a job.

Marg asks: "why me?" When we were kids, you always went for the guy who needed you. Laura: I take what I want. You would rather accept the life you have than get the life you want.
Marg said: when you chose me, you should have known it would turn out like this.

Everyone gets a message: "Family meeting called." (by Marg)

I wanted to say "how brilliant" I think you all are. Marg refers to the few changes made a few months ago. I was wrong when I said it's been a long 19 years. But, there comes a point, when one feels compelled to make a change. I've been offerred a job by the FBI. You are a bad assed team of criminalists.

Even though you're leaving you will always be hear with us.

King Kong on cocaine.

The last scene is with Marg's daughter.


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