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Sunday Morning on December 4, 2011

Lee Cowan (not Charles Osgood) introduced the stories for December 4, 2011. Barry Petersen is doing the cover story on controversy in the Catholic church. Second, Charlize Theron. Third, Russ Mitchell interviews Harry Belafonte, now 84. Fourth, "It's a Wrap," by Rita Braver, on wrapping holiday presents (competitively). Josh Landis on Antarctica.

News. Jan Crawford on Herman Cain leaving the Presidential race. Des Moines Register puts Gingrich at 25%. McGovern now 89. Jerry Sandusky interview by New York Times. Koblenz Germany evacuated after bombs found. Weather mild in the east, but rain midweek.

"A Matter of Faith" discusses a battle between Catholic and Catholic. In Phoenix, a battle between Bishop Thomas Olmstead and St. Joseph's hospital over treatment of a pregnant mother. Terminate the pregnancy or lose the mother/child. Hospital terminated the pregnancy. Bishop found problems with abortion and hospital is no longer Catholic. Sister Margaret McBride was ex-communicated. Father Thomas Doyle criticized what happened in Phoenix. Obsession with control. Allan Vigneron in Detroit. US Council of Bishops on Elizabeth Johnson. A larger effort to reverse the reforms of Vatican II? Gary Macy at Santa Clara University. No longer: pray, pay and obey; more participation. New mass that is less English speaker friendly. American nuns took Vatican II seriously. Sister Mary Hinsdale of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and a professor of theology at Boston College. Epistolic Visitation which became an investigation of nuns in the United States. Petersen reached out to nuns, but interviews were cancelled. Hinsdale did agree to be interviewed. Most problematic aspect: we are not going to see a report. This is a travesty; we are trying to be loyal to the church. Why is the church ex-communicating people. Battle between past, present, and future. Hinsdale: there's a lot of pain and suffering associated with being in the Catholic church today. The ex-communication of Sister Margaret was iifted but she was asked to resign from the ethics committee.

Almanac. Dec. 4, 1991. Journey's end for Pan American World Airways. It started in 1927 as airmail carrier between Key West and Havana. Flying boats, Pan Am Clippers. Its height was in 1960s. Beatles flew it; Pan Am Building. Catch Me if You Can.
In movie 2001, Pan Am flew into space. Pan Am Flight 103. Pan Am declared bankruptcy in early 1991 and then ceased to exist.

The next story was Rita Braver's on wrapping Christmas gifts. Wrapping as a competitive sport: Most Gifted Wrapper contest in New York City. Art historian Karal Ann Marling [phonetic: Carol Ann Marling] has done a book on wrapping. Gifts were exchanged unwrapped up to the 1870s. Then white paper closed with pins. This changed in 1917 with Joyce C. Hall of Hallmark, Kansas City. Foil paper in the 1930s. By the 1950s, women got hints from Hallmark. Women wrap twice as many gifts as men. Rosie Sato of Gardenia, CA won the gift wrapping contest. Pulse poll asked "how good are you at wrapping" with possible answers very good, very bad. Big difference between men and women.

Next Charlize Theron interviewed by Lee Cowan. If you come with your agenda, you can't make a good movie. New movie: Young Adult. Reclaim her high school flame. A woman who never grew up. They are laughing at me. When you are making a film, you never know what people are going to tap into. Movie: North Country. Monster in 2003, portraying serial killer. A great performance is still a puzzle. I don't necessarily want to figure it out. At fifteen, she saw her mother kill her father. Her characters are not victims. She left home at 16 and started modelling. My life is amazing. I'm really blessed. Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project. Stop spread of AIDS. She never expected her life to work out as well as it did. Snow White and the Huntsman. It's creative; there is no recipe.

Big bank bailout. 2007-2009. 7.7 trillion dollars was advanced to banks. This number is 11 times the value of TARP. On Dec. 5, 2008, 1.2 trillion dollars borrowed. Banks made 13 billion on the spread. Nation's six largest banks up 39%, is assets. Story broken by Bloomberg.

100 years ago this month, race to South Pole. Amundsen vs. Scott. Amundsen reached the South Pole Dec. 14, 1911 [with five people and 16 dogs]. British team arrived a month later. Scott and his companions perished a mere 11 miles from supply depot. Fast Draw. At South Pole, -15C is a balmy day. Sun shines 24 hours per day in summer. South Pole's Amundsen-Scott Research Station. Gourmet meals to keep caloric intake high. They grow veggies. Pole sits atop an icepack 9000 feet high. Astronomer's paradise. Project IceCube looking for neutrinos. Dennis Duling and his team. Easy to be best of best when you are the only ones. McMurdoo Valley. Ecologist Joseph Levy. Marine ecologist David Ainley on adelei penguins. [Amundsen MAY have been the first to reach the North Pole (in 1926, via a hydrogen-based airship); there is dispute about the earlier claims for the North Pole.]

Steuben glass works. Closed this past week after 108 years. White House gift over the years. Lead, potash, and sand from the Black Hills. Visit to factory in 2004. Wally Paluska. 1 out of 5 pieces don't survive inspection. Glass and Glamour. In the early years of depression, company was not doing well. Searched for brand new look. Manhattan glamour. On 5th Ave in 1934. Matisse did drawing to place on glass. Georgia O'Keefe and Salvador Dali and Grant Wood. O'Keefe used hers as a cutting board.

Steve Hartman from the Beacon Diner in Spartanburg, SC is a recycled story from Pelley's Evening News. J.C. Stroble is a caller of orders, from customer to cooks. General manager Kenny Church. Daughter Kiki initially didn't go to college. After 30 years, she did get a degree.

Russ Mitchell on Sunday profile of Harry Belafonte, starting in Greenwich Village, NYC. Book: "My Song." Poverty was a constant companion. Harold George Belafonte, Jr. Born in NYC but grew up in Jamaica. Belafonte was in Navy in World War II. He became a janitor. Going to the theater was an epiphany, and Belafonte started acting classes. He sang to pay for classes. Village Vanguard. Audiences gave validation. In 1956, Calypso. Beetlejuice. Muppet. Island in the Sun (1959). The World, the Flesh, and the Devil. Belafonte spent more time on social causes. King and Belafonte initially spoke for four hours. Helped organize march on Washington. We are the world.

Susan Spencer of 48 Hours learns to ride a unicycle. Artistic Unicycling. Mountain Unicycling.

Bob Schieffer interviews Brad Paisley on Sunday Morning on Dec. 11.

As a change in format, Moment of Nature was initially NOT previewed or shown!!! There was a lengthy Pradaxa commercial.

Then, there was a moment of nature with Penguins in Antartica following the commercial.


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