Sunday, November 06, 2011

Interpretation of law by executive branch?

Within a story about the flap over the Roosevelt Memorial:

"It is not a judgment as to the merit of this new commemoration, simply that altering the Memorial in this way, as proposed in HR 2070, will necessarily dilute this elegant memorial's central message and its ability to clearly convey that message to move, educate, and inspire its many visitors," Abbey [Robert Abbey of BLM] said in written testimony.

Abbey explained to lawmakers that altering the memorial would be contrary to the Commemorative Works Act -- a law that prohibits "encroachment by a new commemoration on a existing one." It also respects the design of the "completed work of civic art without alteration or addition of new elements."

Query: can the executive branch tell the legislative branch that a later law is "contrary" to an earlier law?


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