Sunday, November 06, 2011

"CBS Sunday Morning" on November 6, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for November 6, 2011. Andy Rooney's photo was to the left of Osgood, who began with Rooney. On-screen essayist for "60 Minutes." Susan Spencer is doing the cover story on insomnia. Second, Tracy Smith on Kim Cattrell. Third, John Blackstone on leaf blowers: coming to blows. Anthony Mason; Martha Teichner; Lee Cowan.

News: 5.6 magnitude earthquake n Oklahoma. Herman Cain got angry with reporters. Andy Williams has bladder cancer. Joe Frazier has liver cancer. Jerry Sandusky arrested. LSU v. Alabama, 9-6. Weather: mostly sunny and mild.

Sunday Morning opened with Remembering Andy Rooney.This morning we're remembering Andy. "I was a reluctant warrior." He wrote 1097 commentaries. Commentary in 2002 on getting old. "I can't complain about my life. I've been paid to say what's on my mind on television. You don't get any luckier than that."

Almanac. Nov. 6, 1814. Adolf Sax born in Belgium. An instrument made of brass. It was initially limited to military marching bands. Charlie Parker and John Coltrane. Hoots the Owl. The Simpsons. Clarence Clemmons. The piece ended with a photo of Sax.

Alice Walton in Bentonville, Arkansas. Crystal Bridges. Curved copper roofs. Moshe Softi. Cost about $150 million. Alice is the youngest of four children of Sam Walton. In 2005, bought "Kindred Spirits" from NY Public Library. Professor Benjamin Rand. She tried to buy Eakins piece "Gross Clinic." Issue "a hovering culture vulture." Museum covers American art from 1650 on. 1968 work by Calder. Alice Walton has been collecting for 20 years. Painting by George Innes about underground railroad station in Montclair, NJ. Crystal Bridges opens this coming Friday, Nov. 11.

A rhyme on "we've returned to standard time."

Susan Spencer began the insomnia story in Louisville, KY, the number 1 insomnia city, according to a Burt Sperling study. A huge UPS hub; a giant construction project. Louisville ranks high in unemployment and divorce. 50% of Americans have trouble sleeping at least once a week. Wendy Troxel of University of Pittsburgh. Daniel Bizey is also at Pittsburgh. Insomnia costs 63 billion annually. Women are twice as likely to have insomnia. Americans spent about $2 billion on sleep aids last year. They will tip you over, not knock you out. A feeling of dread at night. Bizey recommended minimizing time in bed. Move bed time later, with a specific wakeup. Sleep deprivation can be used to treat insomnia. Increasing natural sleep drive. Move bed to Honolulu, the best place in country for good night's sleep.

Pulse: 27 % have taken sleeping pills. 71% have not.

Florence Welch by Anthony Mason. Florence and the Machine. She followed an agent into a ladies room and sang an Etta James song. Ceremonious. A mike buster. An overactive imagination leads to panic. Constantly aware of impending doom.

Lee Cowan covering "points west" on trial of Conrad Murray. Pharmacological never never land. Analyst Trent Copeland.

1979 Andy Rooney on anniversary of D-Day. June 6, 1944. We're always defeated by statisticians.

Tracy Smith gives a Sunday Profile on Kim Cattrall. Amanda in "Private Lives." Kim was born in England and lived in Canada. "I'm post-nasal drip." Piffle, I'm only a sniffle. 1980 movie: Tribute. Porky's: sexy sidekick girl. Police Academy. Sex and the city ended in 2004. Meet Monica Valour.

Leaf blowing. John Blackstone on "Coming to blows." Actress Julie Newmar appears in the clip. Gretchen Biggs in Greenwich, CT. Orinda, CA. Leaf blowers blast wind at 195 mph. 4 million blowers per year are sold in the US. Leaf blowers began in Japan in the 1960s to spread pesticide.

Steve Hartman on Andy Rooney. On obits, the problem is you're never around to hear them. Andy did sign books. I like things you can put things in.

Next week: Red Hot Chile Peppers.

Moment of Nature: Pradaxa. Lower MaCabe Lake at Yosemite.


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