Sunday, November 27, 2011

"60 Minutes" on November 27, 2011

The first story is about the Metzger family, emblematic of 16 million kids living in poverty.

Never has unemployment been so high for so long. This story on Nov. 27 is a followup to "Hard Times Generation" on homeless people in central Florida. "A hidden America." December 2007. Now, in Seminole County, Florida. Eating out of cans. The family has been living in a truck for about five months. It's only life; you do what you need to do. There are about 1100 homeless students. 60 minutes talked to kids at a school in Casselberry, FL. Beth Davilos was interviewed; she uses county money and donations to put up families. 2/3 of homeless families in Florida are living on the street. The longevity of homelessness continues to rise. Running out of all options. As a result of the previous story, money (about $4 million) came in. Security, lighting, a place you might be welcome. Wal-marts, YMCA, hospital emergency room entrance. Orlando Rescue Mission was mentioned. One threat is idleness. The story ended with the Metzger's truck parked in the lot of a community theater.

The second story is on flavoring foods. A burst in the beginning and a finish that doesn't linger too much. Create an addictive taste. The flavorists. A craving for everything from soda pop to chicken soup. Super sniffers and super tasters. A citrus grove in Riverside, CA. Like an artist going to Rome. How to move flavors from the grove onto the super market. Take whatever this smells like and copy it. A burst in the beginning, that doesn't linger, so you want more of it. Go back for, again and agin. Givaudan, Swiss company, employs about 9,000 people. Michelle Hagan creates thousands of flavors. 750 flavors of oranges. Butyric acid, artificial and natural. Strawberry and vanilla can come from a gland in a beaver's backside. Flavor of an old oak tree. Alchemy of inventing a new flavor. Use hundreds of different notes. Hong Kong kumquat. Carrot on top of the kumquat. In Hong Kong, annual conclave of chefs. Turn those creations into new commercial flavors. Do it over and over again until you get a headache. Turn taste in frozen dinner. Whole lineup of chicken flavors. Crusty, fatty chicken. Givaudan plant in Kentucky: endless stream of part-chicken, part-flavorant. Vacuum dried into oven and ground into a powder. chicken by the ton. Vegetarian chicken. "Natural flavors" Flavor intensified with fat, sugar, or salt. Dr. David Kessler interviewed by 60 Minutes. They make food super palatable. But look around at Americans. Learned what people want. Irresistability. Bob Pellegrino vice president of global strategy at Givaudan. Make taste experiences pleasurable. Food industry wants people want more. OR desire for memorability? A consumable product that is better for you. A whole new world that did not exist ten years ago. Is obesity going down? The answer would be no.

The third story is on Angelina Jolie. Wild, weird, and eccentric? Angelina talks about her upcoming film. "In the Land of Blood and Honey." It's about the war in Bosnia. People thought it was a bit crazy. There's no humor in this movie. Muslim woman falling in love with Serb, Daniel. Jail scenes shot in Budapest museum. Bosnian rape victims protested the Jolie movie. It's a movie, not a documentary. She won an Oscar for Girl Interrupted. Played a Bond-like character in Salt. "A Mighty Heart". Clint Eastwood: she's a great talent. Angelina wanted to be a funeral director. Was very upset with the funeral of her grandfather. Talking about heavy darker times. Too many chances taken. Good will ambassador for the UN. Member of Council on Foreign Relations. Angelina said no plans to get married (to Brad). Angelina referred to her mother as grace incarnate. Angelina is nervous that people won't understand her new movie. She's planning another movie on Afghanistan. What's risky is living your life and never trying anything.


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