Monday, October 10, 2011

"The Job Whisperer" is trademarked

The New York Post on October 9, 2011 ran a story on a new television show Job Whisperer:

Getting people off unemployment and back on the payroll is the job of A&E’s “Job Whisperer” -- a sort of cross between “Supernanny” and “Millionaire Matchmaker.”

“We’re a red-state show on a red-state network ... but it’s more than just rednecks,” he says.
The pilot episode features a New Jersey mom looking for a job in publishing and a Connecticut soldier who has just returned from Afghanistan.

“I am not a career coach,” says veteran headhunter and star Stephen Viscusi, who helps guide the unemployed back into the workforce. “I tell people career coaches are for sissies.

“I teach the real, gutsy way to get in the door: Low-ball your salary. Look better. Don’t overdo your eyebrows. And clean up your Facebook. Nobody wants to see your shirtless picture or hire”

** Checking out trademarks, one notes that the term "The Job Whisperer" was the subject of trademark application serial number 77774314 , filed July 4, 2009. The registrant is one Catherine B. Martin of St. Petersburg, Florida. The registration number is 3749259, date February 16, 2010.

When tv show titles emulate registered trademarks, what happens?

**And, as a sign of the times, see The Secret to Living Well on $20,000 a Year, which has text:

Last week, we ran a story on living well on $40,000 a year, featuring a special education teacher who supports his family of four on that relatively modest salary. Fifty people commented on the article, many of whom argued that living on $40,000 a year was hardly an impressive feat.

"I could live like a king on $40,000 a year. Try living on $22,000 a year and see how that goes for you. And I have a family of three," said Joyce of Maine.

Connie from Texas expressed a similar sentiment: "I would feel really rich if I made that kind of money? Why don't you have an article on how to live on $17,000 or $20,000 a year?"


Blogger Guardsman42 said...

I was wondering the same thing. The show hasn't aired yet. Arts and Entertainment haven't even announced it yet. Maybe the network is in talks over the previously copyrighted title. They may have to change the title.

2:40 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

THis show is a joke so is Vicussi. Headhunters are not what you want. We have a show in development that will blow this show out of the water. And it was developed before this clown. Stay tuned

We have a network already but we can not disclose yet until. We are close to airing. This Job whisperer will get cancelled. I saw the sizzle episode. Its a joke!

2:36 PM  

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