Sunday, October 09, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on October 9, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for October 9, 2011. Standing and walking are things we take for granted. Barry Petersen does the cover story on life after paralysis on a new generation of prosthetics. The world of prosthetics is reaching into the brain. Rebecca Jarvis does "occupy Wall Street." The story is Street Fight. Third, Russ Mitchell on Samuel L. Jackson on "The Mountaintop," playing Martin Luther King. Fourth, Mo Rocca on Ellen Degeneres, a career based on kindness. Portia Jurassi. Legacy of Steve Jobs. Steve Hartman on suffleboard.

News. Values Voter Summit won by Ron Paul. Wired report on virus in drones. 200 demonstrators forced closure of Smithsonian. Demonstrations on Wall St. for 23rd day. NYT about fees on high speed trading. Paul McCartney married. Al Davis died on Oct. 8. At AL playoff, Texas beat Detroit, 3-2. Weather: rain in southeast, sun elsewhere

Bionic engineers are transforming lives, as reported in Step by Step. First clip was on a victim (Amanda Boxstell?) of a ski accident in Aspen. Elegs, an exoskeleton. She talks about being part human/part robot. I don't feel the weight of the backpack. The exoskeleton is by Berkeley Bionics. PowerLoader from Aliens in 1986. Exoskeleton also used by military to enable soldier to carry weights of 200 pounds. High tech tibion bionic limb. Teach the brain that the limb that is damaged that can actually move (Thibion). Retinal implant to give sight to blind. Albany Medical Center: synthetic telepathy to read brain signals. The ability to communicate without formal language. Tregudov. The spinal cord is a conduit for an intention; it can be bypassed. Last words in story: anything's possible.

Almanac. October 9, 1888. The day visitors welcomed into the Washington Monument for the first time. Dedicated in Feb. 1885. 555 feet 5 1/8 inches tall. The monument is closed for now.

Russ Mitchell on Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson is 62, and has made over a hundred movies. With Angela Bassett, in The Mountaintop, on Broadway. Set in the Lorraine Motel in Memphis in April 1968. Informative play which allows audience to see an icon as a human being. 8 performances per week. Jackson grew up in Chatagnooga. Attended Morehouse College. Wanted to be a marine biologist. Auditioned for play his junior year. Jackson is with his initial wife. Amnesia. Role of Gator Purify in Spike Lee's movie. Pulp Fiction: Jules Winfield, got an Oscar nomination. Attack of the Clones. 2006: snakes on an airplane. 1996: time to kill.

Behold the quaking aspen tree was text preceding a clip on photos of small things. Gallery of winners form Nikon small world competition. Dinosaur bone cells. Graphite bearing granulite. Lobe coral. Cell collage.

A street fight on Wall Street. Rebecca Jarvis lays out the stakes. Actor Mark Rufalo. Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul, and Mary. The Occupied Wall St. Journal. Young people living with poor employment prospects. Michael Lewis: Boomerang. Todd Gitlin of Columbia University. Disgust is a massive political force. Herman Cain dismissed the protest on Wednesday.
allen valdez is a trader who notes young people are not getting hired. On Thursday, Obama spoke of the protesters. A fledgling movement at a crossroads. Everyone has so many problems and we want them confronted.

Opinion. Getting married in Italy. Color of a wedding dress. $50 billion per year spent on weddings. In 1800s: White fabrics were rare. Queen Victoria. Kleinfeld. Dress is blush colored. Rebecca Jarvis.

US went to war in Afghanistan 10 years ago, this coming Friday. Story by Byron Pitts: Coming Home, on transfer of killed soldiers from Afghanistan to home. Specifically on Sgt. Michael Prince of Oklahoma National Guard. RPG killed him. The dignified transfer to Dover Air Base, then to Oklahoma. See also post at VeteransToday. CBS had presented this story on Evening News on Oct. 7: [ CBS Evening News After 10 years of war in Afghanistan and in Iraq, the “number of Americans who have given their lives comes to 6,278.” CBS followed the story of one such soldier, 28-year-old Sergeant Michael Prince of the Oklahoma National Guard, who “died in Afghanistan three weeks ago.” When a US soldier dies at war, according to CBS, the military follows a process that it “calls the dignified transfer,” which “ends with a funeral.” Source:’s-news-–-october-07-2011/ ]

Mo Rocca on Ellen for the Sunday Profile. What is your job: to make people happy. Crusader of kindness. Getting a laugh at someone else's expense is a form of bullying. Hurt feelings. Pick up the phone and call God (1986). Johnny Carson called her over to the couch. Very clever and very fresh; good material. Ellen grew up in Louisiana of Christian Science parents. Parents made clear being famous was good. In 4th season of tv show, her character came out of the closet. The show lost ratings and one year later show was cancelled. She went back to standup; only gays went to see her. Gaytalk; gayese. She hosted Emmy Awards after 9/11. Gay woman in a suit surrounded by Jews. Talk show and "Finding Nemo." Face of American Express and Cover Girl. "The Gentle Barn." Seriously... I'm Kidding. Ellen: my dancing has taken over my gayness. Walking dead: where's Oprah. Are you the next Oprah: yes.

David Pogue on Steve Jobs. We lost 4 of greatest minds. Designer. Beauty more important than price. Marketer: reality distortion field. Re-invent the phone. Download songs for $1. Jobs called Pogue. Businessman: never went to business school and violated ever shred of wisdom. Took away floppy drives, modems, removable batteries. Visionary: could look at clunky technolgy and get what it could become. Instead of trying to copy Apple: see potential in new ideas. You can make beautiful elegant simple things and still make money.

Steve Hartmann in Lakeside, Ohio. Kids playing shuffleboard. Peewee singles. Steve himself played in Lakeshore.

Next week. Rocking with Coldplay.

Moment of Nature. Soiriva HandiHaler. Benezette, PA: gathering of elk. See Benezette Pa Elk Viewing Guide


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