Sunday, October 23, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on October 23, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for October 23, 2011. We live in taxing times: surcharge, flat tax. With election day a little more than a year away, Martha Teichner does the cover story on the underlying inequality in taxing. "A step back from the fray." Anthony Mason does a story on Clive Davis, the music man. Mo Rocca does Charlie Sheen, and Emilio Estevez. Surfing the waves, Tracy Smith on Kelly Slater, the king of the wave makers. A soccer field in Georgia. Elizabeth Palmer on Kaddafi. (Gadaffi)

News: Viewing the body in Libya. Possible terrorist attack in Kenya. 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Turkey. Meeting in Brussels about Greece. Bobby Jindal won second term. Loretta Lynn hospitalized. Robert Pierpoint died in California. Appeared on first "See it Now." Played a role in the last episode of MASH. Pujols hit three home runs in World Series game. Weather: midweek rain in northeast.

A special Congressional committee is wrangling over taxes. The supercommittee of six Reps, Dems. The deadline is Nov. 23. Obama talking about Warren Buffer . 64% of Americans do think rich should pay more. In 2007, 1% of Americans makes 23.5% of all income. Joseph Stiglitz is quoted. Michael Graetz of Columbia [Isidor and Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law ]: appropriate for people with that much money should pay more. Videoclip of Reagan on tax loopholes. Lou Prince of Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis. Prince doesn't buy Republican approach. Small business: put money in the hands of people will spend it. Flip side of coin. ActivStyle. Riverside Company buys small companies and then sells them. Riverside bought Commonwealth Coating in Martinsville, West Virginia. Hendrickson thinks it fair that investor team paid only 15% in taxes. Corporate taxes 39.2% in US. Multinationals game the system: take advantage of differential tax rates. Clip on Herman Cain on 9-9-9. Gratz says huge tax cut for people on top. He wants 12% national sales tax.Some kind of tax reform is way overdue. Debt clock: 14.863

Almanac. Oct. 23, 1958: Belgian magazine introduced Les Schtroumpfs (Smurfs). Peyo.(died in 1992). IMPS. June 25: global smurfs day. There will never be a dearth of Smurfs.

Mark Strassman on Luma Mufleh [Looma Muffla], becoming an American citizen. It all began with a soccer ball. Born in Jordan in 1975, Luma attended Smith College then moved Clarkston, GA. Took a wrong turn and end up seeing a soccer game. Clarkston is one of 350 US cities where US re-settles refugees. Kids have fled countries because of war. Children struggle to fit in Rounded up children from 28 countires; called team the Fugees. In 2007, Looma quit her regular job. Children were slipping through the cracks. Launched the Fugees Academy. Tony Sipio: Clarkston police chief. The Fugees Village. Trying to raise $5 million. If you want something to happen, you make it happen. Last month: became American citizen.

Anthnoy Mason on Clive Davis. In the Sony Building. Divining hit songs for nearly half a century. "the report card" Janis Joplin, Whitney Houstan, Barry Manilow, Santana's comeback. Has five Grammys. Party every year for last 35 years the day before Grammys. Unoffical annual ball. Beverly Hilton. David Geffen, old rival. This was an accident. Parents died when he was a teenage. Scholarship to Harvard Law School. Went to Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. Davis was accused of misusing funds; pled guility to tax evasion. Then started Arista; Scott English (Brandy). Manilow re-arranged it to Mandy. "It felt great to be back." Whitney Houston was signed at age 19. "Chief Creative Officer" at Sony Music. Leona Lewis. "He has the mind of a banker and the heart of a teenager." Davis: I'll never forget than when my parents died, I was left with $4000.

Elizabeth Palmer, Sunday Journal, on Libya. National Liberation Day in Libya on October 23.

Kelly Slater, surfer. Pro World Tour of surfing. Taken the world surfing title 10 times, first at age 20; at age 39, the oldest person to take title. Robert Kelly Slater born in Cocoa Beach, Florida in 1972. Slater turned pro as a teen. Surfing is only full time job he's had (brief spin on Baywatch). Got key to Huntington Beach, CA. Surfing: it's your decision at all times. Slater is working on technology that is making waves. Circular machine makes perfectably rideable waves. By 2014, scale up machine to create wave parks.

World population will hit 7 billion by end of this week. Fast draw: how many people can the world handle? One day, catastrophic overpopulation. 2 billion in 1900. Almost 1 billion now don't have enough food. Philip Auerswald of George Mason University. Smart motivated people are connected. More people can solve more problems.

Martin Sheen Sunday Profile by Mo Rocca. First question was about Charlie Sheen. Elephant in the room. Discusses "The Way," written and directed by Emilio Estevez. Camino de Santiago in France/Spain. Emilio: I wanted to write something for him, as a man, as a father. Martin: best part I've had in 30 years. Climb over the Pyrenees. The film is about getting back to basics and embracing one's brokenness. You are a wonderful mess. Father and son live just 200 yards apart in Malibu. Topic of Apocaplypse Now. Hearts of Darkness on making of Apoc. Now. Martin Sheen born in Dayton, Ohio. The Subject was Roses. Badlands. The West Wing. Josiah Bartlett. Notre Dame grad. Sheen has been arrested 67 times. He is anti-abortion. There's bad nutty and there's good nutty.

Nancy Giles on bank statements. Bank fees. Bank of America is charging customers $5/month to use debit card. Durbin amendment limits fees merchants can charge. This is not circle of life in Lion King. BofA commercials play up "cash back" rewards. Severance for Joe Price. Who needs banks? Ends with "old school mattress under which I will stash my cash."

60th anniversary, Oct. 20, 1951 debut of CBS eye logo. Curt Weiss.

Next week: trick or treat.

Moment of nature. Pradaxa. Tennessee/North Caroling border. Elk. Foliage. turkey.


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