Monday, August 22, 2011

Say good-by to sensitive data in New Jersey?

IPBiz has covered a few OPRA cases in New Jersey. Now we have a new issue. A New Jersey driver's license has magnetic strips with information: The magnetic strip on the back of your driver’s license contains two types of information about you: everything that is on the front of the license — including your height, weight and address — and secret security markings.

The Trentonian noted: In order to offer a layer of protection to those customers, both the Alcoholic Beverage Commission and the Motor Vehicle Commission in New Jersey say they reach out to liquor store operators and restaurateurs to make them aware that while scanning driver’s licenses is not illegal to check age and fraud detection, using collected information is.

And, the gist of the problem in New Jersey:

Only three states have taken this further by prohibiting retention of data from driver’s licenses. New Jersey has no law prohibiting the collection of data, known as warehousing. No guarantees exist that data from your license will not be used for other purposes. Other states, such as California, are considering legislation similar to that adopted by Texas and New Hampshire that will assess penalties for retention of personal data.


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