Monday, August 22, 2011

Plagiarized Ph.D. thesis from University of Virginia?

Readers of IPBiz may recall the Alison Routman "plagiarism" incident at the University of Virginia: for a paper at Semester at Sea (run by UVa) Alison Routman copied fragments of three sentences from wikipedia, and was forced to "walk the plank" by the University of Virginia. Now, we have an interesting situation involving plagiarism in a Ph.D. thesis granted by UVa, although the plagiarism was uncovered by a different university.

One Bahman Bakhtiari, hired by the University of Utah in 2009, was recently fired by the University of Utah related to plagiarism matters. Part of the plagiarism "package" related to his thesis at the University of Virginia. Utah discovered eight pages of Bakhtiari’s 1984 dissertation at the University of Virginia, which awarded his doctorate, contained passages that had been pulled from five other sources without attribution. [Link: University of Utah fires tenured Bakhtiari for a “pattern of plagiarism” , which post notes that the University of Maine, Bakhtiari's employer before Utah, is doing an investigation. ]

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