Sunday, August 21, 2011

In re Shaker A. Mousa: an In re Best issue

Note In re Shaker A. Mousa. This relates to application 10/667,216, and appears to be an appeal from an adverse BPAI decision. Of the BPAI decision, the subject matter of the application is directed to oxidized, supersulfated heparin fractions. Some rejections are under 102(b), but do include an invocation of inherent properties. There is a reference to In re Prater as to broadest reasonable interpretation ["BRI"]. Furthermore, there is citation in the BPAI decision to In re Best, 562 F2d 1252, as to shifting the burden to applicant to demonstrate differences from the prior art. Thus, the CAFC in addressing this appeal may give further structure to In re Best burden shifting.

As to an issued patent with Mousa as an inventor, note US 7,964,338, titled Platelet preservation composition containing eptifibatide, a reversible factor IIa inhibitor and a hemoglobin oxygen carrier. This is one of 20 issued US patents which comes up in a search for Shaker Mousa.

Separately, from within 10 minutes with Shaker Mousa:

A professor in Saudia Arabia believes that some cancer patients have been cured by drinking camel urine, blood and milk. Shaymaa is helping me do the research.


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