Sunday, August 21, 2011

"CBS Sunday Morning" on August 21, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for August 21, 2011. Yet another worrisome week (weak?) for the stock market. But, it's Main Street that's the focus of the Anthony Mason cover story on Obama's midwest bus tour. Second, Tracy Smith on Ryan Seachrest. Third, Barbra Steisand from Bill Whittaker. Fourth, Bill Geist on "the right moves" in pole dancing. King Statue. Mo Rocca on board games.

News. Chief Prosecutor in Iran: two hikers sentenced to 8 years in prison. A rebel assault on Tripoli. Zawiyah. Obama being kept up on events while he vacations in Martha's Vinyard. Air crash near Resolute Bay, Canada. Air show crash. Striking Verizon workers go back to work on Tuesday. Strauss-Kahn matter. Kardashian wedding. Sales of antiaging creams to go to $114 billion. Weather. Storms in plains and east coast.

Cover story: "Mr. President." Presidential motorade stopped in Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois, three states Obama carried in the last election. New black armored bus; GroundForce I. Darth Vader quality to the bus. Mason: it's been a scary summer for a lot of people. Obama: if all we're doing is the same posturing...; Obama: remind people of what the expectations are; stop playing the games and get something done. Feature on visit to Atkinson, Illinois on Wednesday. Wyffels hybrids, a seed company. Mason interviewed employees of Wyffels. Mason interviewed Obama in Wyffels warehouse, with an American flag at Obama's right. Thatcher quoted: I can do business with this man. Obama: can Boehner sell his plan to fellow Republicans? Galesburg, Illinois: surprise visit to Silver Streaks football team. When a team doesn't play together, the coach is usually the first person to be fired. Obama: out of necessity, I read a lot of history these days (what they said about Jefferson, Lincoln).
Anthony Mason did not mention that Obama called Wyffels, Waffles.; Obama: Waffles, Wyffels

Almanac. August 21, 1911. Mona Lisa disappeared from the Louvre. Hunt ended in 1913 when Italian tried to sell painting.
Mona Lisa was da Vinci in drag? Visit to US in early 1960s. Movie "The Freshman." Marlon Brando; Matthew Broderick. Mona Lisa has been in special gallery since 2005.

Board games are back, by Mo Rocca. Starting with Candy Land. Gencon at Indianapolis. Rattus. Pandemic. PowerGrid. The Swarm. Settlers of Catan has sold 18 million copies. "I can't bluff a computer; I can't see its eyes." When you do win, you get see the frustration. Mortal Kombat. Angry Birds is now a board game. Scott Nicholson at Syracuse. Ticket to Ride. We can play board games from 100 years ago. Go a Chinese board game. Candy Land designed at the time of polio. Scott hates Monopoly. Piece of Cake: collect most slices of pie. Takes only 15 to 30 minutes. Non-elimination. Learning to be a good loser is important. How can you problem solve this. Uber-competitive. Bezzerwizzer. [The Rocca piece is a recycled story from April 3, 2011]

Sunday Journal from John Blackstone on Iranian hikers. Patrick Clausen on general rule of thumb in US/Iranian relations; people WITH power don't want to deal with US.

Next, was Tracy Smith's Sunday Profile of Ryan Seacrest. Making the rounds at Children's Hospital in Philadelphia. The Voice.
Connie, Gary, and Merida Seacrest. Not my goal to be controversial. Let's be vanilla. I have no problem being considered "just there." Exec producer: keeping up with the Kardashians. Times Square; Oscar night. Born on Christmas Eve, 1974. Started in radio. American Idol in 2002. Seacrest is an investor in several restaurants. I like to order where you don't have to commit. The more bites the more fun. Julianne Huff. Running jokes about his height. Gay jokes. Loves to be busy.

Next was the piece on King (August 28, 1963), by Rita Braver. Statue, 27 years in the making. Will be first memorial on Mall dedicated to a man not a president. Harry Johnson. Alpha Phi Alpha, fraternity at Boston University. Project had to be approved by Congress. 4 acre site near the Tidal Basin. In 1999, design competition with over 900 entries. Roma Design Group from San Francisco. Third section, stone of hope, 28 feet tall. Sculpture of King done in China. Unyielding man of courage. Some critics say: King looks too stern. Dr. King: judge by content of his character. "I have the audacity to believe; Injustice anywhere " The "King font" was invented. Address is 1964 Independence Avenue. The Foundation needed to raise $120 million. King Family charged $800,000 for IP rights to license the name; words. Opening is set for 48th anniversary of speech, which will be next Sunday (August 28, 2011)

Transitions. Babies from Sunday Morning. Elijah Jack Bagat. Lane Vernados died at age 67.

The song "That Face," from Streisand's album coming out next Tuesday. Has sold more than 140 million albums. Interview with Bill Whitaker. I never sing in the shower. Barbra wanted to be an actress. I became a singer because I couldn't get work as an actress. Now, an album based on Allan and Marilyn Bergman songs. Met Streisand in early 1960s. My name is Barbara. They have been friends and collaborators. The windmills of your mind. Poppa, can you hear me? Her reputation for being somewhat controlling. Clip from Mike Wallace interview: you would love to control this piece. The color of peach. Malibu Estate. Fragrant Cloud rose. Earned two Oscars, 8 Grammys. Her creativity comes in spurts. What are you doing the rest of your life. I strive for excellence. I'm grateful to my mother's comments. I could record for years to come. Write much more. I ain't over till it's over.
Of Streisand, note preview on August 19, 2011.

Talking treason with Ben Stein. Rick Perry's arguments. Lake Ponderay in North Idaho. Stein shocked. Something akin to treason: print more money. A lesson in economics. One of measures: increase money supply. Not a treasonous move. Make money cheaper, so businesses will invest. Stein says: Perry needs lessons in moderation and economics, soon.

Bill Geist's piece on pole dancing is recycled from May 1, 2011. Pole dancing is becoming bipolar. A new trend to dress it up and bring it into the mainstream. Championship in New York City. Soccer moms in New Jersey. Exotic Dance Workshops. 973-886 - 6171 (right in central New Jersey). An innovative performance artist. Peter Norton: SymphonySpace.

Moment of nature. Big horn sheep in Montana's Glacier National Park. (recycled from December 26, 2010!?)


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