Sunday, August 14, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on August 14, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories. As summer enters its final innings, and people are leaving their summer jobs, the matter of unpaid internship is explored by Tracey Smith in the cover story. "A foot in the door?" Second, a story on suntans, "burning questions." Third, "Iron Mike" done by Bill Whittaker. (recycled story?) Fourth, Bill Geist on "Unhappy Campers." (recycled story?)

Headlines. Race to Republican nomination. Rick Perry. Michelle Bachmann. Free barbecue and live music in Iowa. Pawlenty dropped out of the race. Stage collapse at Indiana State Fair. Attack in Afghanistan. Missing blimp in Ohio. Weather: stormy on east coast. [Update on missing blimp: Ohioan, 94, wakes up to blimp that landed in yard : The 128-foot-long blimp broke free of its moorings at a Columbus airport during strong winds early Sunday [14 Aug 2011], then drifted to the sky, headed eastward and landed in Lillian Bernhagen's backyard in Worthington, less than two miles from Ohio State University's Don Scott airfield.]

Tracey Smith started with colonial Williamsburg, mentioning over 100 historical interpretation interns. The interns don't get paid. Jay Gainer is director of historic trades at Williamsburg. Internships are a trend. Loren Berger talked her way into 15 internships. Intern Queen Inc. 2010 survey results: 42% with internships got job, vs. 30% getting jobs without internships AND a difference in salary: 42K (previous internship) vs. 35K salary (no previous internship). In NYC, Loren Burger threw a party for interns. Sunday Morning interns covered the party. A finding: people are upset that interns not getting paid. Eisenbray: Economic Policy Institute. Unpaid interns take jobs away from people who would be paid. Top big city internships are taken by children of richer people. Upper middle class kids. Erica Mahoney, and the 75 other CBS interns, get $50 per week. What's wrong with working for free? It degrades the value of work. But, in this economy, some people would rather work for free, than not work at all. Knoxville Ice Bears. Think big, but start from the bottom. "A three month job interview." For the benefit of immediate enlightenment.

Almanac. August 14, 1953. David Mullaney invented wiffle ball. Hollow plastic ball with pattern of cutouts. 1957: patent issued on wiffle ball. Factory in Shelton, CT. A genuine American success story. CBS Sunday Morning stated that scientists do not agree on how a wiffle ball produces curves.

John Blackstone on Ed. Ruscha. "Go West." With Mason Williams, explored Route 66. Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth. Twenty-six gasoline stations. New form of landscape painting, from windshield of car.

Burning Questions on suntan lotions. By 2013, 6.6 billion dollars on suncare products. Jimmy Coco on celebrity spray tans.
In past, ivory skin represented wealth (didn't work in fields). Later, switched. Clip from Beach Blanket Bingo. Rice of Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil. Sunscreens came to dominate the market. Today's tan can be tomorrow's problem. Skin cancer rates are increasing, even tho there is a higher use of sun screens. WHO lists tanning beds as a carcinogen. UV radiation releases endorphrins.

Poll/Pulse: 44% (always use sunscreen), 20% (sometimes), 19% (never use sunscreen)

Brit Marling from Anthony Mason. Movie: Another Earth, which imagines the discovery of another planet. Earth 2. The movie won a major award at Sundance. Georgetown University. 2005. Interned at Goldman Sachs, who offered her a job. Made a documentary in Cuba. Mike Cahill of New Haven. Broke in to a ski resort for scene with snow.

Fast draw. Unemployment high; wages low. Corporate America, 1.2 trillion dollars in cash piled up. Steven Neil Kaplan of U of Chicago. Companies are not spending; the cash is just sitting there. Give every family in America, $10,000. BUT, there is so much uncertainty, the companies don't invest.

John Cusack in Say Anything started story on boom boxes (recycled story). Boxes introduced in late 1970s. Fab Five Freddie. The Message by Grandmaster Flash. Book: The Boombox Project. Startrek IV criticized boomboxes. The boombox was on the wrong side of history.

Mike Tyson.

Bill Geist. Camp Meadowlark in Maine.

Mail: Nancy and Warren Edwards of Utah, have written CBS Sunday Morning for over 20 years.

Next week. Barbra Streisand.

Moment of nature. HandiHaler. Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge near Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Given the torrential rain in NJ on August 14, we know that the clip was recorded on another day. [ The Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is one of 553 refuges in the National Wildlife Refuge System that is administered by the Department of the Interior's U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. See]

***In passing, Charles Osgood on the origin of the CBS Eye

***Separately, fromJudge Newman's eulogy of Judge Friedman:

Maybe the word is “urbane”. I never saw him badger a lawyer. He never took advantage of his position, looking down at counsel, who can’t answer back.

In bearing and temperament he was made to be a judge. He always listened, and I never saw him show impatience or inattention. He would draw out his colleagues, even as he had the knowledge and confidence of vast experience.

In every way, he will be missed. Dan Friedman’s life was a life of service. He served the law and the nation with a wisdom that’s rare, even among judges. It was a joy to be in his company. We remember his kindness and his smile – and his scholarship, his balance, his sensitivity.

We mourn the loss of our dear colleague, and the nation’s loss of a powerful intellect. He moves to the memory of history.


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