Monday, July 11, 2011

Plagiarism by McAdoo at University of North Carolina

A post in the dailytarheel titled Paper in McAdoo lawsuit shows evidence of plagiarism outlines charges against former North Carolina football player Michael McAdoo.

An academic paper by McAdoo used three consecutive paragraphs from a Tanzanian journalist’s blog post “Know the history of Swahili language and its original culture” without any citation to the blog. gives the twisted path that exposed McAdoo's plagiarism:

Here's where it gets complicated. When McAdoo's attorney filed the suit [against the NCAA], he included as evidence the paper in question. This week, The Raleigh News and Observer posted the case's attached exhibits on its website. That's when a few bored N.C. State fans began Googling. In the process, they found that McAdoo had pasted large passages word-for-word from sources available on the Internet. Blog picked up the story, and it spread from there. Will the plagiarism sink McAdoo's case? His attorney says no, but it certainly seems to muddle matters.

McAdoo received an F in the course, just as Joe Biden did at Syracuse Law many years ago when Biden was caught plagiarizing. There the similarity ends.


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