Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Is "harmonization" a good argument for patent reform?

One of the key arguments in patent reform for "first to file" is to "be like Europe."

As Charles Krauthammer points out, the US has been "harmonizing" with Europe in a different area:

"The problem is at the consumer level, confidence is low and that is because, as you showed, showed we had underemployment with one out of every six Americans. The worst element of that is that among the unemployed, against the American history, more than approaching half, have [been] unemployed for over six months. That is historically unprecedented in the United States. That is a phenomenon that is seen often in Europe, rarely seen here. In 2007 the average time to get a new job was five weeks. It's now near six months. And that implies a whole segment of the population, the more elderly or the middle-aged who may never get employed again."

**Maybe the US should avoid being "like Europe."

Otherwise, "we can be like Mike" and be old and unemployed in the "reformed" USA.


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