Sunday, June 05, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on June 5, 2011

Russ Mitchell (not Charles Osgood) introduced the stories for Sunday, June 5, 2011. The cover story was by Martha Teichner on bedbugs, beginning with bedbug sniffing dogs Mitch and Caleb. Second, was "Horn of Plenty," with Herb Alpert, a recycled story. Third, was Harry Smith on Chris Rock, another recycled story. Fouth, Steve Hartman on "required reading." Dr. Jack Kevorkian; Christopher Plummer.

Headlines. President of Yemen in Saudi Arabia. Robert Gates' last visit to Afghanistan. Killing of Al Qaida leader. Backfire in Arizona. Lawrence Eagleburger. Airbus of flight 1549 moving to North Carolina. Weather: higher than normal temperatures.

"What's bugging us?" began with a picture of a female bedbug. Jody Gangloff Hoffman of Cornell talked about blood meals. Look for blood stains on you sheets, digested and excreted. Teichner: "This time, there is no good news." Teichner next presented a home inspection of an infested home. New York City is most infested city. Cockroaches are now controlled by baits, not by sprays, which may have impacted. Entomophobic. Sam Soto of First Rate Solutions (fomerly First Rate Exterminators) is shown with beg bug sniffing beagle, called Apollo. New York has a law requiring landlords to inform of bed bug infestation. Florida Canine Academy near Tampa, FL (Bill Quickstein featured) places canine sniffing dogs (cost $10,000 per dog). Caleb is a bouvier dog. The show had a bed bug cam. Quickstein of Tampa gets his bed bugs from New York City. Teichner talked of using a clothes drier to eradicate. Don't scavenge furniture off the street.

Almanac for June 5: June 5, 1981. CDC: Pneumonia among gay men in Los Angeles. (AIDS) In July 1985: Rock Hudson. Ryan White of Kokomo, Indiana. White lived for five more years. In 1991, Magic Johnson announced his hiv. 1.1 million Americans live with HIV. There is no HIV vaccine and there is no cure for AIDS.

Russ Mitchell noted it is two weeks till Fathers Day and introduced a story by Steve Hartman about a father who read to his daughter. Librarian in Millville, New Jersey tipped off Steve Hartman to story.
"The Streak": how many nights could father and daughter read together. From fourth grade to college (9 years). Daughter Alice is now age 23. Book: "The Reading Promise." You're never too old to be read to.

Mike Wallace with Jack Kevorkian in 1998 introduced the story. (Then Jack was 71). Russ went back to the "60 Minutes" interview. Mercy killing or act of murder. Tom Yaulk (spelling) had Lou Gehrig's disease. Issue: direct injection (active euthanasia). First, seconal was injected. Second, muscle relaxant. Third, potassium chloride to stop the heart. Judge Jessica Cooper: Sir, consider yourself stopped. Kevorkian served 8 and a half years. Wallace: it was a compassionate murder, but you murdered him. Wallace said: your now 79. Kevorkian was listening to Bach when he died.

Movies began with Christopher Plummer in Sound of Music (1965). David Edelstein talks about Beginners. Plummer is now 81. In Spite of Myself - memoir. BBC. Hamlet. The Man who would be king. The Silent Partner. Startrek VI. Played Mike Wallace in "The Insider." Tolstoy in "The Last Station." The villain in Up. In Beginners, he announces to his son he is gay. A madly inventive confrontation.

"Harry Smith has our tickets" for Chris Rock. Ray Romano laughs at my house. The Motherf**ker with the Hat.
Being rich is having options.

James Arness death. Older brother of Peter Graves. Early movies: Them. "The Thing." Lead for Gunsmoke was offered to John Wayne. Gunsmoke had 635 scripted episodes. Arness was 88.

The trumpet of Herb Alpert. Sunday Profile: Horn of Plenty, done by Russ Mitchell. You hear three notes and you know it's Herb Alpert. 6 top ten hits. 70 million albums. Shy Jewish kid from East LA. He picked up the trumpet at age 8. Picked up his sound while attending a bull fight in Mexico. Tried to translate the feeling into a song: The Lonely Bull. Alpert and Moss: A&M Records. Released more than 30 albums. Whipped Cream. The Dating Game used Alpert's music. Cat Stevens, Peter Frampton, Janet Jackson. Signed the Carpenters in 1969 or 1970. Close to you. Of Karen: she never realized how great she was. The Harlem School of the Arts. This story is a recycle from February 2011.
CBS Sunday Morning on February 13, 2011

Is House Arrest too cushy? Nancy Giles says yes. Lindsay Lohan, Roman Polanski, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Gentlemen, stop your engines.

Pulse. 45% have travel plans for this summer.

Our man in Paris. Dog in Paris. Orson, the terrier, owned by Steven, travels around 15 blocks per day, on his own. Blase, expects preferential treatment: a typical Parisienne. Wendy Lynn, blog Paris kitchen. Mention of lax enforcement of laws.

Next week: Jimmy Fallon.

Moment of nature (pradaxa). Homosassa Springs in Florida with manatees.

***There was no mention of the Weiner matter

The online drama began May 27 when the photo appeared in his Twitter stream addressed to journalism student Gennette Cordova of Seattle, making it visible to all of his more than 40,000 Twitter followers.

The photo was a crotch shot of a man in form-fitting underwear that left little to the imagination. It was quickly deleted, and Weiner tweeted that he had been hacked.


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