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CBS Sunday Morning on May 8, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for May 8. He began with: Happy Mother's Day Mom. The first discussion was about the Bin Laden videos. The cover story was by Jim Axelrod on "happiness," titled "The pursuit of happiness." Tracy Smith did Christie Turlington: Model Mom. Next, Anthony Mason on Aretha Franklin: Queen of Soul. Katie Couric interviews Betty White at the Central Park Zoo. John Blackstone on military families. Recipe for Chef-Boy-Ardee.

Headlines: The Pentagon's release of Bin Laden videos. The rising Mississipppi, cresting a 48 feet. Drop in gas prices, as much as 50 cents per gallon. Michael Murphy destroyer launced. Obamas dined at Tosca. Animal Kingdom won Kentucky Derby.

Weather in northeast perfect for Mother's Day.

Bin Laden videos were released on May 7. A 21st century ogre in his lair. Sunday Morning pushed the Steve Croft interview with Obama, to be be broadcast on 60 Minutes. One thing was sure: the Pakistanis couldn't be trusted. Close to a military academy. A team of 25 Navy Seals. One helicopter lost lift. Very graphic photos should not be floating around. A task force is working round the clock on the material from the Bin Laden compound.

Almanac. May 8, 1886. Jacobs Pharmacy in Atlanta got the first batch of Coca-Cola. "I'd like to teach the world to sing." 1985 Pepsi attack led to "New Coke." Number 70 on Fortune 500. [cross-reference Pemberton]. Sunday Morning asserted the formula for Coke is still a secret, although it was published in the Atlanta Constitution long ago.

"In the Long Run" is a book by Jim Axelrod, and was pushed in the cover story. Dave Query is shown fly-fishing, close by his office. Happy restaurant in Boulder, Colorado. If happiness is a state of mind, Boulder, Colorado is its capital. Gallup-Healthways index. 350,000 respondents per year. Map our happiness. Hawaii, Wyoming North Dakota, and Alaska.
91% say very happy or fairly happy. 55 aspects of overall well being. 188 met. areas were ranked. Boulder is at the top.
Obesity and smoking are only at 13%. Huntington, West Virginia was dead last. Smoke, drink, or eat high sugars. Doug Shields at CABLL hospital. Huntington needs a happiness project. Gretchen Ruben, a former supreme court clerk. 12 areas of happiness. Start with your own body. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. The key: strong relationships with other people. Connections with people. Being happier is a matter of taking the first step in the right direction.

Christine Turlington is a model mom. Married to Ed Burns. She spent 30 years on magazine covers. She traveled the world: no woman; no cry. Premiered on Oprah Winfrey network on May 7. She was a Vogue girl. "What the world needs now." My life as a drag queen. The 80s were the worst time to be a model. She went to NYU in the 1990s. Antismoking ads. Dad died in 1990s. Met Ed Burns 10 years ago. Post-partum hemorrhage. Working on Masters Degree in Public Health from Columbia.
everymothercounts. Spoke at event with Hillary Clinton.

Burden of America's military families, by John Blackstone. The pent-up anticipation of the final good-bye.

--Can do!-- by Michelle Miller on Chef Boyardee. Chef was Hector Boyardee in Cleveland, Ohio in 1928. Boiardi is the real name. Anna has written a cookbook, delicious memories. Angela was Anna's mother. Angela married into the family, married Hector's nephew, Joseph. Milton, PA in 1936: a factory to turn out the pasta. Hector died in 1985. The factory is still in PA, but owned by Conagra foods. The Hector mansion was built in 1939. Hector's nephew Paul still lives in Milton.

Anthony Mason talks with Aretha Franklin, who made her first appearance (in a while) at a New York benefit. A leaner, meaner Aretha. She's lost 85 pounds. Mason visited Franklin on Good Friday in Detroit. New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit. Franklin family home in West Detroit. Sam Cooke visited; eleven years older than Aretha. In 1961, Aretha toured with Cooke. Respect, written by Otis Redding. "Think", Daydreaming (inspired by Dennis Edwards of the Temptations). The real men step up to the plate. In 1979, her father was shot. She has released her 52nd album.

Rita Braver on her mother ("Maga"). She will be 90 in a few weeks. She just set an example. She was a widow at age 43. Braver mentions this is her first Mother's Day as a grandmother.

Betty White is the oldest person to host SNL. Katie Couric does SM profile on Betty White at Central Park Zoo. Hot in Cleveland. "Get over it" ad campaign for AARP. Satan's Mistress. Wrinkles and randiness. Betty White turned down SNL hosting because of her California identity. Betty was initially cast as Blanche. Allan Luden died in 1981. Book coming up on White's love of zoos. Kindness and consideration of someone besides yourself.

Pulse. Being a mother now is harder, 74%. Mom would earn 14 hour X 9.53/hour. cleaning 10 X 9.40. day care 40 X 9.95. Driveing, tutoring, etc. Add it up. $61,436 per year.

Next week: Rob Lowe.

Moment of nature. Wild horses at Cold Creek, Nevada .

**As to the formula for Coca-Cola no longer being a secret.

From Is This the Real Thing? Coca-Cola's Secret Formula 'Discovered'

Producers of the radio program This American Life came across an article on the history of Coca-Cola in an old copy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Coca-Cola's hometown newspaper. Published on page 2B on February 18, 1979, the article received little attention at the time. But, producers say, that's because no one realized the photo used to illustrate the story is a hand-written copy of John Pemberton's original recipe, jotted down by a friend in a leather-bound recipe book of ointments and medicines, and passed down by friends and family for generations.

The recipe:
Fluid extract of Coca: 3 drams USP
Citric acid: 3 oz
Caffeine: 1 oz
Sugar: 30 (unclear quantity)
Water: 2.5 gal
Lime juice: 2 pints, 1 quart
Vanilla: 1 oz
Caramel: 1.5 oz or more for color

The secret 7X flavor (use 2 oz of flavor to 5 gals syrup):
Alcohol: 8 oz
Orange oil: 20 drops
Lemon oil: 30 drops
Nutmeg oil: 10 drops
Coriander: 5 drops
Neroli: 10 drops
Cinnamon: 10 drops


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