Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Shopping on the internet can be hazardous

CBS KYW-3 did a report on April 6, 2011 titled NJ Cracks Down On Contractors which included the text:

Before hiring a home improvement contractor in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, consumers are urged to obtain the contractor’s State registration number. In New Jersey that number will always begins “13VH.”

Search for NJ contractors at:

No matter what state you reside, demand a copy of the contractor’s liability insurance policy. Then contact the insurer to learn whether the policy is still valid

Picking a good patent attorney is even tougher.

KYW reported on a sting by the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs:

“Our undercover investigators did what consumers would do. They went on the internet, they did a search for home improvement contractors in this area and then invited them down to the undercover house to give estimates on the kind of work they could perform. Roofing, carpentry, closets, everything you see here they were giving estimates on what it would take to renovate.”
14 of the 18 home improvement contractors who responded to the undercover house are not registered as required by law.


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