Saturday, April 02, 2011

Microsoft Word blamed for plagiarism?

Within an article titled --2 UP lawyers appeal SC decision on plagiarism -- about recent developments related to the Del Castillo matter:

The respondents, however, argued that it was precisely that allegation against Del Castillo that prompted them to issue the “Restoring Integrity Statement” calling for his resignation for plagiarizing other people's works.

But the high court cleared Del Castillo of the allegations of plagiarism and accepted his law clerk's explanation that the attributions made to the works of the legal authors were accidentally deleted and that the Microsoft Word program did not have the capability to warn users of such deletions.

Hmmm, so "authors" of papers don't have the ability to distinguish between the "words of the author" and "words copied from others"? What did the clerk expect Microsoft Word to do?

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