Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Coat-tail capitalization?

A comment to a blog post notes:

I spent years working in university laboratories and often we found solving complex problems economically was only accomplished by what any business savvy person would recognize as secondary or coat-tail capitalization.

This is how Velcro, Teflon, ..., a thousand other common products were developed. Embrace the concept - it has a success rate that cannot be discredited.

[from Top 11 Algae Biofuel and Biochemical Trends From 2011-2020 ]

From wikipedia on Teflon: PTFE was accidentally invented by Roy Plunkett of Kinetic Chemicals in New Jersey in 1938. Kinetic Chemicals patented the new fluorinated plastic (analogous to known polyethylene) in 1941 and registered the Teflon trademark in 1945. Kinetic Chemicals was a joint venture of Du Pont and General Motors. The invention of Teflon had nothing to do with university labs and its commercialization had nothing to do with secondary capitalization.

The invention of Velcro by George de Mestral was not in a university laboratory. Its development was time-consuming. A big break came when NASA used Velcro (made with Teflon) in space suits.

**Separately, as to biofuel from cellulose, note the story of the gribble.
The Wood-Eating Gribble May Hold the Key to Biofuel Production

Yes, that's gribble, not tribble.


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