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CBS Sunday Morning on April 10, 2011: animals

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for April 10, 2011 on CBS Sunday Morning. The general theme was "Animal attraction." The cover story is by Jim Axelrod on our pets )Petted Bliss). Second, Rita Braver talked about the koala. Third, Anthony Mason on Dean Koontz and his dog. Fourth, on Isabella Rossellini's interest in animals. Fifth, Bill Geist on the expanding role of goldfish competition.

Jeff Glor presented the news, starting with a wildfire in west Texas, next with Japan. Protestors in Cairo's central square. Death of Sidney Lumet at age 86. Masters golf tournament. Sunny and warm in most of the country.

The cover story began with Joan (Axlerod) and her two Portuguese water dogs, Gus and Lola, the two "guard" dogs to chase away lonliness. 1972, 60 million; now 165 million. Cathy has 171 pets, many of which sleep with her. 62% of US households (173 million homes) have at least one pet. Professor of animal welfare at UPenn (Serfo?) notes number of pets growing faster than humans . Chemical oxytocin. 89% of us think pets are part of the family. The last image compared a picture of Jim Axelrod with an image of one of the water dogs. A final poll result revealed 75% of people think pets share personality traits with owner.

The story started with pictures of celebrities with koala. Evan Harris introduced Rita to various koalas. They can weigh up to 15 pounds, and generally live only about 8 years in the wild, up to 22 in captivity. Word koala derives from aborogine for"Does not drink water" In 1923, 3 million shot. Hoover stopped importation of skins to US in 1929. Koalas are now prone to chlamydia.

Mo Rocca on walking a cat (Radar) on a leash. Dr. Colleran talked about cat obesity. kitty holster cat harness. Also, interview with inventor of the kitty walk stroller. In a poll, people preference: 72% dogs, 15% cats.

A new play about horses in World War I. Clash of flesh and metal. "War Horse" about Joey and Albert. 10 million soldiers died in WWI, and about the same number of horses. Kohler and Jones created the horse puppets for "War Horse." The original Joey took four months to build. The truth of WWI can be seen on the memorials. Monument to animals in London: "They had no choice."

"Hanging on" was a segment on orangutans in Borneo done by Russ Mitchell. Now, IMAX film "Born to be wild" narrated by Morgan Freeman. Graduate studies at UCLA. Age of independence for orangutans is 8 or 9 years.

Dean Koontz interviewed by Anthony Mason in his home "Amazing Grace." Koontz has sold over 400 million books worldwide.
"A big little life" on his dog, Trixie. Trixie arrived with Koontz at age 3. You're not a dog, you're an angel. Koontz grew up in Pennsylvania. Trixie: 1995-2007. Koontz had a bleeding ulcer and nearly died.

Barry Peterson on bats. Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, Texas. Bats don't attack. Bats are clean. Adam West appears at the Austin bat festival. Batty about Austin. Austin mayor Lee Leffingwell notes the bat is the official animal of Austin. USDA's official notes bats eat insects and keep food costs down. White-nose syndrome. Bats make bad pets. In a poll at the end of the bat story, snakes were the most disliked animal (28%), but cats were number 2.

Dogs as man's smartest friend? Chaser the Border Collie. She has learned more than 1000 words. Pilly published an article about Chaser in a scientific journal. Alexandra Horowitz at Columbia University. Telling time through smells. If you can make your speech distinctive, dog recognizes speech. Canine Cognitiion Center at Duke University. Because dogs can't speak to us, easy to underestimate their intelligence.

Erin Moriarty interviews Isabella Rossellini. Series of films called "Green Porno." Death Becomes Her. Blue Velvet by David Lynch. Isabella re-invented herself. Some starfish are hermaphrodites. Isabella raises and socializes sight dogs.

Steve Hartman on a family in Ohio. Steve Heathman and his wife have animals in the house, including Dillie the Deer. Dillie hangs out with Lady, the poodle. Cross-species companions. Elephant and dog. Jennifer Howland on "Unlikely Friendships."
Barbard J. King at College of William & Mary.

Comment by Faith Staley. As a child, her famlly did have pets, including a German dog Kinder. But Faith doesn't want a pet herself. Nearly 2/3 of American's own pets, but...

Bill Geist on goldfish. Goldfish show in Perry, Georgia. Mentioned fish from Naples, Florida. Also, koi. American Goldfish Association. Finnage is terribly important. Scalation.

Next week. Molly Ringwald turning 40.

Moment of nature featured some animals on the endangered species list, including Hawaiian monk seal, Mona Island Boa, Mission blue butterfly, Florida manatee, Laysan duck, San Joaquin fox, grizzly bear, gray wolf, black footed ferret, desert tortoise.

Music at end: lion sleeps tonight.


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