Sunday, March 20, 2011

Charles Osgood on March 20, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for CBS Sunday Morning on March 20, 2011. A long cold winter comes to an end today. David Martin reports on Libya and Lucy Craft on Japan. Martha Teichner reports on nuclear energy in the United States; unplugged. Michelle Miller: March 25, 1911, death in a burning factory (triangle fire). Third, Jim Axelrod on "That Championship Season." Fourth, Oldies but Goodies. Lieber and Stoller. Stand by Me. Fifth, Bound to Succeed.

Headlines for March 20: Begin with Libya by David Martin. About 114 cruise missiles hit yesterday. B2 bombers launched from the US. A no-fly zone is effectively in place. Targets of opportunity. The Navy needs to refresh its supply of cruise missiles. As to Japan, issues with Fukushima reactor. Milk, fava beans, and spinach tainted with radioactivity. Japan has 355,000 people living in shelters. Voting in Egypt. Warren Christopher died on Friday as did Knute the Polar Bear on Saturday. SuperMoon on Saturday. Butler beat Pittsburgh.

Weather. 80 degree sunshine in south. Rain in northeast.

Mark Phillips in Tripoli. People were assembled at potential targets (ie, human shields). There was a US bombing of Libya in 1986. Mandy Clark in Benghazi.

Should atomic power be unplugged was the cover story for March 20. NRG, a New Jersey company, was going to build a nuclear plant in Texas. David Crane is CEO of NRG. In March 2010, 62% favored atomic energy; now 44%. 7 out of 10 said Japan influenced decision. We get 20% of our energy from 104 nuclear reactors. Marvin Furtell. 3 Mile Island in 1979. Tyson Slocum of Public Citizen: nuclear power is not safe. Coal supplies half of our electricity. BP estimates spill cost $40 billion. As to nuclear, we have not solved the waste issue. Obama: By 2035, 80% of our energy from renewable sources. One nuclear plant in Texas produces more energy in one year than renewables have produced in the last decade.

On March 20, daytime and nightime are of equal length. Vernal equinox.

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John Blackstone on books. Taschen Books. Art books. Christo has book published by Benedict Taschen. He discovered there is a market catering to book collectors. Difference between pornography and erotic. Quoted the Simpsons. Tachen's house: most modern in world. Chemosphere. Flying Saucer. Being vulnerable is being human.

Chris Noth is on Broadway in "That Championship Season." Jim Axelrod alluded to March Madness. Jason Patric. Four former members of a team from Scranton, PA. High point of their lives happened when they were 18. Original production. Jason Miller, of the Exorcist. Miller died in 2001. Jason Patric is Miller's son. All Saints Academy in Scranton. The 1956 yearbook talks about Howie Miller's exploits on the court. Miller was 32 when he wrote "That Championship Season." Kiefer Sutherland: no one wants to have a bad night in front of 1100 people. How we idealize the American spirit. It includes a "rotten to the core" aspect. Real men in a pre-Phil Donohue, Dr. Phil era. A bust of Jason Miller unveiled in Scranton in 2008.

The movie Win, Win reviewed by David Edelstein. Thomas McCarthy. "The Station Agent." "The Visitor." Paul Giamatti plays a New Jersey lawyer, a heart attack waiting to happen. New Providence Pioneers. Kyle's wrestling talents fueled by abuse.
[As an aside, LBE lived in New Providence, NJ, once known as Turkeytown.]

"From the Ashes" is about 4:40pm on March 25, 1911. Triangle Waist Company. Onlookers from Washington Square Park. New safety and fire regulations came after. Francis Perkins called it "the day the New Deal began." Michael Hirsch. Mount Zion Cemetery in Queens. 146 people died in the fire. Fannie Lansner was 21 years old. Essie Bernstein. Max Blanck. Prayer flags.

Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller. Stand by Me by Benny King in 1961, and movie in 1986. 4th most performed song of the 20 century. Kansas City, Hound Dog, Love Potion #9. Charlie Brown. Lieber and Stoller met as 17 year olds. Initially directed to blues. First big song in 1956. Hound-dog. They were disappointed by the version by Elvis; song was written for Big Momma Thornton. Elvis recorded more than 20 Lieber/Stoller songs. Stoller was in Jail House Rock as a piano player. Inducted into Rock n Roll hall of fame in 1987. Favorite song is "Is that all there is?"

Sunday Morning Journal. Bill Whittaker. Japanese rods in part used plutonium. Tsunamis are not very survivable.

Opinion. Ben Stein spoke of Professor Frank Knight at the University of Chicago. Ben says you need 10 hours of sleep per night. Sleep more at night. Never waste any time you could spend sleeping. Wikipedia notes Knight invented the notion of what has come to be called Knightian uncertainty, where he made a distinction between "risk" and uncertainty. Milton Friedman studied under Frank Knight.

Latest from Libya. Allied forces target Libyan air defenses. The focus has shifted to air-to-ground missiles. US attacking Misrata.

Next week. Coffee with Starbucks Howard Schultz. Schultz went to Northern Michigan University.

Moment of nature. Short eared owls in woods near Livonia, New York.


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