Sunday, March 20, 2011

"60 Minutes" on March 20, 2011

Scott Pelli was on location in Japan, including at Matsushima. Pelli interviewed Julia Neshwad of the US. Last Wednesday, the US Embassy started a voluntary evacuation of US citizens. Pelli showed pictures of the tsunami inundating the coast, and focussed on Matsushima ("Pine Tree Island"). A canal, once used for fishing, is now filled with houses and cars. 200 people were in a school gym to avoid the effects of the tsunami; the gym later became the local morgue.

The second story was on Huckleberry Finn (1885) and was titled "N-word." The word was used 219 times in the book. Randall Williams is publisher of New South Books. Williams says the word itself is the problem. Repetitive instances of this offensive word. N-- has to do with shame. New South Books printed 7500 copies of the revised book and sold about all of them. There was discussion about "teachable moment." Does one have the moment with, or without, the n-word.

Morley Safer introduced the third story about Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York. Charges through life like a holy bulldog. A laugh a minute. A tireless promoter of all things Catholic. Dolan is 61 years old. When it comes to baseball, I think I can be pro-choice. The most popular shrine in St. Patrick's is Our Lady of Guadalupe. For the first time in Catholic history, we have a large number of people who are saying I'm no longer in the Church. They say there aren't many people to my right. Enthusiatically committed for the heritage of the church, I'm a conservative. President of US Congress of Catholic bishops. Dolan is the best "front man." Sexual abuse problem is a cancer that is still spreading. "In some ways I don't want it to be over...This needs to haunt us." North American College in Rome. Happy, healthy, celibate priesthood. Morley: the cover-up is worse than a crime. Morley brought up the matters in Philadelphia. Sense of permanance, stability. Need to change perception of church as some kind of shrill scold. A discussion of "headline issues." The interview concludes with Dolan saying to Safer: I'm in one world, you're in another.


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