Monday, February 07, 2011

US 7,878,151 : infringement suit filed on day of patent issuance

US 7,878,151, titled Fetch and retrieve tossing toy , issued on 1 Feb 2011 with first claim:

A fetch and retrieve pet toy comprising:
a linearly elongated, tubular hollow body having a generally cylindrical outer surface and forming an internal tubular conduit along an elongated centerline;
a durable outer cover covering said outer surface;
a first flexible wing; a second flexible wing; and said first flexible wing connected to said second flexible wing at either opposed end of said tubular hollow body; wherein each wing has a plurality of individual fingered flexible cloth protuberances that are freely flexible and moveable, creating a `flapping` motion when thrown.

Twenty-five [25] US patent documents are cited in the '151 patent.

A patent infringement suit was filed on the day of issuance. Does one remember University of Rochester's COX-2 patent?

See story Golden , CO pet toy maker sued for patent infringement Kong's "Tugga Wubba" is the accused article.


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