Saturday, February 05, 2011

NBC employee fired for embarassing post about Today Show, Gumbel, Couric

NBC fired an employee who posted a video (ca. 1994) of
"Today Show" footage that showed then Today Show anchors Katie Couric, Bryant Gumbel, and Elizabeth Vargas asking "What is the Internet? and manifesting considerable stupidity in their comments.

Michael Santo wrote:

While some are blasting NBC over the [firing] issue, the video was NBC's intellectual property, and whoever the poster was, he obviously didn't have permission to post it. Thus, they were well within their rights to terminate him. Also, since he was apparently a repeat offender, it was even more egregious that he continued to leak content.

NBC could fire an "at-will" employee for no reason at all. Here, the video was previously broadcast, so it's not a trade secret. It was originally off-air footage. Was it copyrighted? Don't think the guy was fired for copyright infringement.

Meanwhile, at the CBS ranch, recall Katie was caught plagiarizing (likely copyright infringing too) but CBS did nothing.

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On the NBC incident:

NBC Fires Employee for Posting 'What Is the Internet' Clip

Also on Couric:

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