Sunday, February 06, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on February 6, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Feb. 6, 2011. Long ago, people expected a right to privacy. For example, Robert Frost: good fences make good neighbors. Now, social networking. Erin Moriarty on "privacy please" about on-line reputations. Lesley Stahl on the man who wrote the screenplay for "The Social Network" Aaron Sorkin. SuperBowl 45 halftime has the Black-Eyed Peas. Bill Geist on "Child's Play," about learning about football. Barry Peterson on art on Dallas Stadium. Reagan's 100th birthday.

News. Day 13 of uprising in Egypt. Traffic moving in Cairo. US backing gradual plan. The espionage trial of Fattal and Bauer in Iran. BofA pays $400 million to settle suit on overdraft. Preparing for SuperBowl 45. Kickoff at 6:30pm eastern. Weather: frigid air in central US. Snowy northeast later.

Of Egypt, Mubarak said on Monday he was not going anywhere. Tahrir Field Clinic.

Of the cover story, the question "did the internet kill privacy?" The story started with details about Ashley Paine, who was asked by her superior (principal) if she had a facebook page. There was a picture of Paine with alcohol. Paine has used the privacy features on facebook. Frederick S. Lane is the author of a book on privacy. One person makes a copy of what you posted, and then it is not private. Now, we trade "private" information just for fun. Tension between technology and privacy. In the past, the first snapshot camera. There was a reference to the Brandeis/Warren law review article. An allusion to data mining. (Matthew Bordick). An example given of Erin F. Moriaraty. David J. Moore runs realmedia. The issue of targeted advertising. How concerned are the people on Facebook about privacy? Appalachee High School, Barrow County. Paine is now in grad school, and has brought suit against the school district.

Sunday Morning Almanac. Feb. 6, 1911, the birth of Ronald Wilson Reagan in Tampico, Illinois. George Gipp in 1940. Elected governor of California in 1966. Are you better off than you were four years ago? Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall. We made a difference. He died on June 5, 2004 at the age of 93.

The next story was Barry Peterson's on "Crowd Pleasers." Jean Jones (and husband) own Dallas Cowboys and the stadium. There are 19 pieces of art. Matthew Ritchie. Jim Isermann. Ricci Albenda. Teresita Fernandez, using anodized aluminum. Franz Ackerman. Terry Haggerty. Dave Muller. This is here to stay. Plan to add sculptures to outside landscape. A billion dollar artwork in progress.

The next story was on the Black-eyed Peas, by Michelle Miller. The Peas measure success by the impact they have on their audience. The album "The End" sold 11 million copies. Next "The Beginning." Initially, a threesome, the "chick pea" (Stacey Ferguson) joined later. The Peas have won six Grammys. Fergie's The Duchess went triple platinum.

David Edelstein on 3D movies. Dial M for murder. Cut to 2009 and Avatar. Critic Roger Ebert hates 3D. Why 3D doesn't work and never will. Despicable Me. 3D has its place, as a gimmick. Edelstein endorses Cedar Rapids.

Skin Deep. David Pogue PBS series Making Stuff. Trip to Bahamas. 400 million year old material. Unexso. Touch a shark. Tonic immobility. Shark skin is spotless. Smooth going one way. Dermal denticles. Special scales that let you go faster through water. Speedo bathing suits. University of Florida, Tony Brennan, nothing grows on a sharks skin. Sharklet. Healthcare industry. MRSA, antibiotic resistant bacteria. An answer to the problem of secondary infections in hospitals.
From the Sharklet website: Sharklet is a simple solution for a complex problem. The patented, microscopic pattern manufactured by Sharklet Technologies creates a surface upon which bacteria do not like to grow. (...) Dr. Brennan’s and Sharklet Technologies’ research has demonstrated Sharklet’s success in inhibiting the growth of Staph a., Pseudomonas aeruginosa, VRE, E. coli, MRSA and other bacteria that cause illness and even death. Note published US patent application 20100226943 , titled SURFACE TOPOGRAPHIES FOR NON-TOXIC BIOADHESION CONTROL, first claim: An article comprising:a first plurality of spaced features; the spaced features arranged in a plurality of groupings; the groupings of features comprising repeat units; the spaced features within a grouping being spaced apart at an average distance of about 1 nanometer to about 500 micrometers; each feature having a surface that is substantially parallel to a surface on a neighboring feature; each feature being separated from its neighboring feature; the groupings of features being arranged with respect to one another so as to define a tortuous pathway; the plurality of spaced features providing the article with an engineered roughness index of about 5 to about 30.

"The Envelope Please," by Lesley Stahl on Aaron Sorkin. "A Few Good Men," "Sports Night," "The West Wing," and "The Social Network." "The Social Network" as zeitgeist. Sorkin says the story is timeless, as distinct from timely. Sorkin went to Syracuse, graduating in 1983. Early "survival jobs." "West Bank Cafe," an underground theater (Lewis Black). Problem with people who glamorize dumbness. Witless bully. We need "the best Ph.D.s around." Priscilla Chen, girlfriend of Zuckerberg. "Is that a question" in the movie came from earlier Stahl-Zuckerberg interview. Both Jewish kids from Westchester, went to California.

On Reagan. Quote of Voltaire on silken slippers. Smooth yet stubborn. Silken slippers and wooden shoes. Evil Empire in 1983, but treaty in 1987. Lack of pomposity. Old fashioned gentlemen from Illinois. Find the silver lining in every situation.
Adept handling of Grenada. Aw shucks smile.

Pulse. Super Bowl, 34% want Packers to win.

Bill Geist with grandson George, on learning to be a man. George was wearing a Sanchez jersey (6). Bill was wearing a blue (10, Manning). 3D glasses. Lay- z-boy. Buffalo chicken wings, pizza, party platter.

Bob Schieffer previews Face the Nation, on Cairo.

Next week: Herb Alpert has come a long way from Tiajuana.

Moment of nature: Great Sand Dunes Park and Preserve, in southern Colorado.


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