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CBS Sunday Morning on February 13, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for February 13, and noted that it was 2 days after the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak. The cover story for Feb. 13, Egypt: the road ahead, to be reported by Martha Teichner. The second story previewed was on Valentine's Day ("I don't") by Tracy Smith. The third preview was on Herb Alpert, Horn of Plenty. The fourth was Sanjay Gupta on the human heart, Then, David Martin on Secretary Rumsfeld. Story on the boom box. A recycle of a Katie Couric/Evening News story on salt mines.

Headlines on February 13. The military is now firmly in control of the government. The process of political reform is only just beginning. Tomorrow, Obama's 2012 budget. CPAC straw poll. Malaysia warning about Valentine's Day.

Weather: temperatures well above freezing. spring training in baseball starts soon.

Osgood started with Martha Teichner's cover story on Egypt. Are they really home free, or is this just a lull? Steven Cook, of Council on Foreign Relatios. The Assyrians, the Persians, Alexander the Great as oppressors. In 1919, Princeton prof: Daniel Kurtzer. King Farouk overthrown in 1952. Military took over. Gamel Abdel Nasser took over in 1954. Nasser died in 1970. Sadat assaasinated in 1981. Mubarak imposed a state of emergency at the time, which remained. When everybody sobers up, people will be suspectful of the military. The second story was by Elizabeth Palmer, which included material on Yemen. Martin Inding of the Brookings Institute. John Alterman of Institute for Strategic Studies notes democracy could lead to more hostility to Israel. Politics in Egypt are going to move fast. Inspiration to people or a cautionary tale? The generation who starts a revolution, rarely complets it.

Sunday morning almanac. The Monkees. Feb. 13, 1942: Peter Tork's date of birth. got his laughs by playing dumb. I'm a believer, written by Neil Diamond. Dismissed as the pre-fab four. 1993 CBS interview of Davy Jones. Monkee business is pretty good business.

"You've Got to Have Heart" began with a heart display at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. The heart as a symbol of Valentine's Day. Novelist Steven Amedon and his cardiologist brother wrote a book "The Sublime Engine" Autopsies first allowed in the 16th century, of criminals. Da Vinci. People fighting over corpses. Nobody understood basic function of heart until 1620. People didn't understand heart attacks until 19th century. Poe's tell-tale heart in 1843. "Something's gotta give" with Jack Nicholson. Heart healthy diets. Last hundred years, explosion of information on heart disease. Tin Man in Wizard of Oz. If I only had a heart.

As time goes by more and more people are saying "I don't." A story by Tracey Smith. Kleinfeld Bridal. Tag. Poll on importance of marriage: 72% in 1970 to 54% last year. Perception of marriage has changed. 71% say marriage institution has weakened in last 20 years Jane Gandura interviewed as a single. Gallup poll in 1962: what makes for a good marriage. Concept of maternity wedding dress. They congratulate them twice. 77% of "not married" women say it's important to get married someday. The wedding business itself is on a roll. Wayne Rogers (of MASH) is a partner at Kleinfeld's. Video of of Jane Gandura's parents, married in 1951 and still married. Jane says: I would love to be in a committed relationship. Best way to get a date. Mutual friends 52%; chance encounter, 32%.

Known, and Unknown book by Donald Rumsfeld. Interview by David Martin. Nixon on the Rumsfeld problem. If you don't want to change, and someone above you wants change, it's hard. Famous impatience. We are sitting here like birds in a nest, waiting for someone to drop food. Put a sense of urgency: goose-egg memo. Afghanistan risks becoming a swamp for the United States. Disconnect between public and private statements. Going after Saddam first discussed in September. Discussion of Rumsfeld's son Nick. It's a painful process. Wife Joyce. Now, lives in Ranch near Taos, NM. Spring of 2003, turned to goat with Bremer. Instructions: Let's get an Iraqi face. Bremer was not working closely with military. April 2004: Abu Grave scandal. Should have resigned. Stronger signal to the world. In 2006, Rumsfeld had to go.

Blast from the past on boom boxes of the 1980s. Introduced in late 1970s. Like a walking juke box. Fab Five Freddie. The bass was important to the boom. In the early 80s, hip hop was in its infancy. "the message" by grandmaster clash. community, defiance, outgoing nature, I need to be seen. Book by Gwerko: The boombox project. StarTrek IV spoofed the boombox. The boombox was on the wrong side of history. Music devices got smaller. Hiphop and then re-wind.

Seth Doane on salt. The salt used to melt ice comes from a mine. Cleveland mine of Cargill. 1800 feet below ground. Bob Supko is Cargill's Cleveland mine manager. 100 miles of roads in salt mine. 50 people per shift. 1000 pounds of explosive per blast. 100 foot layer of salt. Salt is collected in front end loaders. Added 6th day to work week. 600 trucks are filled per day. 1 million truckloads of salt per winter. John Morrison of CT (wearing a USGS hat) keeps track of salt in stream levels. McHenry County, IL uses organic mixture including beet juice. Use only what you need. [This story is slightly expanded from an earlier story on CBS Nightly News broadcast on Feb. 7, 2011. See IPBiz post
Salt of the earth
CBS recycles again.]

Next up was a [Sunday profile] story on Herb Alpert, winner of 8 Grammys. Russ Mitchell interviewed Alpert at his home of 6 acres in Malibu. The Latin flavored smooth jazz of Herb Alpert and the Tiajuana Brass. Teacher: just playing a piece of plumbing. Sound of the border, sold 70 million copies. His father born in Kiev. Didn't discover his sound until mid-20s, while attending a bullfight in Mexico. Tried to translate the feeling of those afternoons into a song. "The Lonely Bull" in 1962. A&M Records. Released 30 Alpert albums. Whipped Cream. In 1968, hit as a singer. The Dating Game. Prime Time specials on tv. Cat Stevens, Peter Frampton, Janet Jackson. Signed the Carpenters in 1969. Close to you. Karen died at age 32. Seems so unfair. She never realized how great she was. By 1989, Alpert had had it. Sold A&M to Polygram for 460 million. Wife: singer Lani Hall. Alpert paints and sculpts. In 1988, established the Herb Alpert Foundation, promoting Harlem School of the Arts, and music education generally. Charles Hamilton, chairman of school of the arts. Living the good life.

Opinion on Egypt. Toppled stereotypes on Arabs. Thousands joined pro-democracy demonstrations. Like US in 2008: yes we can. Bring about change through non-violence. Who's next?

Next was a story on 10,000 Valentines. Nancy Rosen, retired New Jersey nurse. Can't collect romantic things unless you're a romantic yourself. The ring is round and hath no end. Civil War: the soldier's tent style. The fingerprints of love on every piece. Tokens of love, lasting and true.

Next week: Harry Smith on the social network with Jesse Eisenberg.

Moment of nature: Flamingos at Florida's Hialeah Raceway.

***As a small footnote on Hialeah, from bloodhorse in 2008 :

[Halsey] Minor said on July 22 that he had talked to Brunetti on the phone about his interest in buying and renovating Hialeah Park . Brunetti later acknowledged the conversation, but at the time said he wasn't interested in selling.

Minor, 44, is the multimillionaire founder of CNET Networks and owns several horses including grade-I winner Dream Rush. In 1993, Minor launched CNET, an on-line Internet search site for technology products, and headed it until 1999. He retains an investment in the company, which CBS has agreed to buy in a $1.8 billion deal scheduled to close during this year’s third quarter.

He estimates it would cost between $30 million and $40 million to refurbish and re-open Hialeah, not counting purchase of the land.


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