Monday, January 03, 2011

Top Patent Stories for 2010

Donald Zuhn at Patent Docs is doing the "top 12" patent stories for 2010. So far, #9 through #12 are up.

#12 is "patent reform" stalls. Not a big surprise after Democrat House leaders put their feet down on S.515. Tough to say what happens in 2011. Republican members were NOT following Republican leadership in the past on patent reform, and the new gang might be going in that direction. Don't look for anything like S.515 to get traction in 2011. And "patent reform" which is really litigation reform for IT folks is likely not a top priority in the "new" House. Sooner or later, someone figures out that all those jobs have been outsourced, and Patna residents don't vote in the U.S.

for stories 5 to 8

Number 7 was Federal Circuit Finds Separate Written Description Requirement. Arguably, the major source of "not finding" the requirement were legal academics who apparently had not read Supreme Court decisions mentioning the "written description" requirement. Another academic windmill tilt pushed into the dust.


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