Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Team Bimbo

After buying up a number of American bakeries, including Entemann's and Thomas's English Muffins, Bimbo Bakeries is going into sports, as seen in the headline Phila. Union is now officially team Bimbo .

IPBiz previously illustrated the Bimbo trademark [ Trademark in "Bimbo" ] and discussed the Bimbo trade secret case [
Injunction in Bimbo Bakeries case maintained; secret muffin formula still safe?

If you were curious, although "bimbo" is spelled the same as the offensive word, the bakery name is NOT pronounced with "bim" as in "skim milk." It is not a sound alike.

The Philly Inquirer wrote:

The red, white, and blue logo of the big Mexico-based baker was plastered across PPL Park, on stadium signs, on backdrops, on shirts, and even on a Bimbo delivery truck parked outside.

How Union fans will digest having Bimbo on the front of the team jersey is unknown. The immediate reaction to news of the sponsor - it's pronounced BEEM-bo - was mixed.

"I just think it's kind of dumb," said Anne Ewing, a Union fan who lives in Philadelphia. "We'll all have to explain it over and over and over again."


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