Tuesday, January 04, 2011

“Mind-blowing numbers”

Steve Lohr in the New York Times writes of the recent Chinese government document describing goals for increasing the nation’s production of patents:

In a recent interview, David J. Kappos, director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, pointed to the Chinese targets for 2015 and called them “mind-blowing numbers.”

Lohr added an NYT gloss to the story:

According to a translation of the document provided by the patent office, China’s goal for annual patent filings by 2015 is two million. That number includes “utility-model patents,” which typically cover items like engineering features in a product and are less ambitious than “invention patents.” In the American system, there are no utility patents.

Hmmm, -- In the American system, there are no utility patents. --. Steve Lohr could have written this in a clearer fashion, like in the US, there are no “utility-model patents" analogous to those in China. Clearly, there are utility patents in the American system.


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