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CBS Sunday Morning in January 2, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for the first Sunday morning of 2011. 2011 is little more than one day old. The first images were of the BP fire in the Gulf. Elena Kagan on eating in a Chinese restaurant. Cynthia Bowers has a story on Roger Ebert. Tragedy, triumph, and true love. Julie Chen on Paul Abdul. Bill Geist on the crystal ball in Times Square and the possum drop in North Carolina and other New Year's drops.

Headlines: Arkansas, Missouri, and Mississippi tornados. US Capitol Building evacuated. Russian jet fire in Siberia. Northeast Australia flooding. Wedding of Valeria Bertinelli. TCU win in Rose Bowl. Weather: cold in northeast.

Starting over after a terrible setback was the theme for the story Roger Ebert. Do you remember what your last spoken words were? No because I didn't know they were my last words. Are you able to talk in your dreams? Everything is fine in my dreams. Ebert began at the Chicago Sun-Times in 1967. He won a Pulitzer prize in 1975. Of Siskel, our rivalry was very real. Roger came up with the thumbs up/down idea, but Gene had the idea of trademarking it. Only three years after Siskel died, Ebert was given a diagnosis of thyroid cancer. CereVoice created a voice library for Ebert. Publisher John Barron on Roger Ebert. Ebert has millions of readers on his blog. Rice cooker recipes. Image of Casablanca being shown at his home. "Roger Ebert Presents At The Movies." Mission together: to make each other happy.

Sunday Morning Almanac referenced an entire year: 1911. May 30, 1911. First Indy 500. Titanic launched May 31. 1911, tho first voyage not till April 1912. June 15 birth of CTR, now IBM. Ronald Reagan and Jean Harlow born; Lucille Ball born. Pulitzer died in 1911. William S. Gilbert died in 1911.

Dr. Billy Taylor died at age 89 in the past week. He was a member of the Sunday Morning family. Back in 1981, he was introduced to Sunday Morning viewers. In 2004, Ed Bradley asked Taylor about why he had such passion for jazz. Ella Fitzgerald. Art Tatum. Musical director of David Frost. PhD from University of Massachusetts. Jazz progam on NPR. I wish I knew how to be free. Married to Teddy Taylor.

What's Next? Jeff Greenfield. Started with John Kennedy; then Ronald Reagan; then Barack Obama. The core American faith: best days lie ahead of us. That faith has been justified by reality. The 20th century was the American century (Henry Luce).
Now: our future may not be greater than the past. Launch of Sputnik. then Japanese. Now China. Relative decline. Paul Kennedy: rise and fall of great powers. No one stays on top. Usually, gradually decline. Beliefs are in doubt. Wounded American economy. 15 million jobless/underemployed. In the last 35 years, median wage of Americans has gone down. Blue collar workers finding decent jobs, now in question. Federal debt 14 trillion. Pensions of public employees may leave towns bankrupt. Richard Ravitch: cities, counties not making payroll. Is our 200 year old political system capable of dealing with present difficulties. System was good for 13 states in 1783. Paul Kennedy: distinguish "what is in our reach" from what can't be done. Forget about the irreversible stuff; concentrate on what is improvable.
What's Next for America? James Fallows appeared at several points in the story.

-->CBS on Paul Kennedy on 29 Dec 2010:

In the judgment of Yale historian Paul Kennedy, a world in which a shrunken America is just primus inter pares, “one of the most prominent players in the small club of great powers,” is all but inevitable, a natural turning of the seasons. While many on the left would welcome such an egalitarian future - it is not “a bad thing,” Kennedy claims - the rest of the world, especially liberal-democratic nations, may quibble just a bit with this rather prosaic and utilitarian view of global power.
In the end, Paul Kennedy may be right about the current trajectory of global politics. However, we should all recognize that this will be a terrible state of affairs. It is one thing to see that such a world might be emerging, but another thing to welcome it. Kennedy’s deep ambivalence about the positive role of the United States both now and in the future is matched by the realpolitik he appears to assume is not merely normal, but perhaps even preferable to a system in which an imperfect America attempts to nourish the liberal values that have made our world a far more humane place than it was at any other time in history.


The year 2001. George Bush inaugurated. Tax cuts by June. Tim McVeigh executed. Robert Hansen caught. Dennis Tito paid Russia to become first space tourist. iPod. Como and Ramone died in 2001. Chandra Levy. Congressman Gary Condit. Tuesday, Sept. 11.

The year 2010. Last look back. Haiti, BP, refudiate (Palin). Katie Couric on earthquake in Haiti. Haiti was in a state of shock. The copper mine in Chile. 33 of us are fine in the shelter. After 70 days, finally fee. Tax cuts. Chronically high unemployment. Frightening free fall in the stock market. BP fire. The greatest oil spill in American history. "I'd like my life back." Bob Schieffer on high expectations for health care. Obama: Jobs were my number one priority last year. Is this my new reality? Elena Kagan: where were you on Christmas day? Like all Jews, in a Chinese restaurant. Don't ask, don't tell. Arizona immigration law. 3240 days of war. Israel. Manhattan Ground Zero mosque. Burning the Koran. SUV at Times Square. Cargo plane bombs. WikiLeaks. Russian spy (Biden: it wasn't my idea to send her back). Body scanning at airports. Lindsay Lohan. Various actors behaving badly. NBA James. Olympic death. Rutgers Tyler Climenti. Mark Zuckerburg. Couric: we don't know the epilogue of some stories which have receded from the headlines.

Toy Story, top 2010 movie.

What's Next? China's view. A new set of assertive leaders. Kenneth Lieberthal. China is demanding attention. South China Sea. Almost every country in southeast Asia has expressed alarm about China's assertiveness. Inside China: a lively debate about how to wield might. China is facing many serious domestic problems. Pollution, aging population. Napolean quote: when China wakes, it wil shake the world. Poll on US influence in the world declining.

Top TV show for 2010: SuperBowl.

Paula Abdul is at it end. Live to Dance. All new reality show on CBS. Launch a whole new Paula Abdul. Letterman on Paula Abdul. Born a few miles from Hollywood. Watched Singin in the Rain at age four. Won a spot on Laker Girls. Janet Jackson saw her at a Laker game. Coming to America. American Beauty. Jerry McGuire. Debut album in 1988: Forever Your Girl. Emilio Estevez. In 2002, American Idol. Abdul's slurred speech and loopiness: not very bright or drunk? On Sunday Morning: I've never had a drinking problem. I am loopy. High hopes for her new show. "Julie, I've learned so many lessons."

Resolutions. Didn't you vow to be more organized in 2011. About half make resolutions, the 4 out of 5 break them. Now: resolve to fall in love. Stare at one another. What are you doing next Sunday morning. Grab hands and bungee jump, or contemplate a Palin presidency. Read As I lay dying. Embrace your resoltuions. Are you staring at me?

Top album in 2010: Recovery.

What's Next? Europe's view. Germans fear a decline of American power. They do need American leadership. A strong America. WikiLeaks comments on European leaders were a problem. Tim Marshall of SkyNews. People mistake China's rise in economic power for declines of others. The Dutch view US as last line of defense. And leading the world in new ideas. Innovation. America's youth and drive still inspire. Reports of America's decline are greatly exaggerated.

Bill Geist on New Year's Eve. Giant pickle in North Carolina. 200 pound bologna in Pennsylvania. Drag queen in Key West. Frozen carp in Wisconsin. Clay's Corner Gas Station, Brasstown, NC, dropping of the possum. Lowered not dropped. Opie the possum. Baptist church choir. Cross dressing beauty pagaent. Brass Town brigade. Tuba solos. Let's get the possum down.
There is also a Possum Queen contest. [TV may make Possum Drop famous : the Possum Queen contest, featuring local men dressed up like local women ] And see As New York’s Ball Falls, A Possum Will Drop In Brasstown . Also, the pickle drop in Mt. Olive is at 7pm.

Next week on Sunday Morning: actor Javier Bardem.

Moment of Nature: whooping cranes of Aransas National Refuge on Texas coast.


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